How to prepare for the written ACC exam?

The Army Cadet College is a division of the Indian Military Academy. Soldiers who wish to rise as commissioned officers in the Indian Army have to join the ACC after clearing an entry examination. The selection process involves three steps: written test, interview and medical exam. The written test is the most important step and determines the rank of a candidate. Hence, you must adopt a calculative preparation strategy to ace the ACC written exam.

The pattern of the written exam

Before the exam preparation process, you must learn all about the exam pattern and syllabus. Only when you are well aware of the topics covered in the exam, you can start classifying the subjects and start preparing for them efficiently. The ACC written exam consists of four sections:

  • General Mental Ability Test (GMAT)
  • Current & General Awareness Test (CGAT)
  • Interactive Communicative English (ICE)
  • Academic Content Test (ACT)

Each of the sections under ACC exam pattern is allowed a maximum mark of 300. The GMAT paper is split into three parts: non-verbal reasoning ability, verbal reasoning ability, and numerical reasoning ability. The paper is comprised of 150 MCQs. Similarly, the CGAT paper also consists of 150 MCQs. The ICE paper is split into two parts. The first part contains 120 objective-type questions and the second part contains 180 descriptive questions. The ACT paper is also split into three parts: Humanities, Mathematics, and General Science. Every correct answer will be awarded 2 marks on all the papers.

Section-wise preparation strategy

You must analyze all the sections of the ACC exam separately to prepare efficiently. For this, you must be aware of the concepts included in each of the papers. Here are the important concepts of the four papers of the ACC written exam:

  • General Mental Ability Test (GMAT): The questions in this section are fairly wide. They could inquire about coding & decoding, Venn diagrams, seating arrangements, series, analogy, mathematical operations, classification, and reactions to situations. You must be precise in your calculations.
  • Current & General Awareness Test (CGAT): This paper concentrates on general knowledge. They contain questions about famous personalities, sports, world history, Indian polity, geography, social science, current events, Indian economy, chemistry, physics, authors & books, and award winners. You do not have to learn the important dates associated with the events.
  • Interactive Communicative English (ICE): The paper has two parts with objective-type and descriptive questions. The majority of the questions involve active & passive voice, error-correcting, filling in the blanks, sentence completion, direct & indirect speech, idioms, prepositions, synonyms, and antonyms. The paper tests your command of the English language, grammar and vocabulary skills.
  • Academic Content Test (ACT): Since this paper has three sections, the questions will be based on all three subjects.
  • The mathematics section is based on fundamental and general mathematics. You must be precise in your calculations. The questions will be about basic concepts such as trigonometry, algebra, geometry, mensuration, simplification, approximation, and so on.
  • The General Science section contains questions from 12th Grade science concepts. Similarly, the humanities section contains basic concepts from the school-level syllabus.

Create a Study Plan

The GMAT is the easiest of all the papers of the ACC written exam. However, improving English language skills is a time-consuming process. After understanding the exam pattern and syllabus, you must identify your weak and strong areas. Then, you must prepare a study plan that includes all the concepts in the syllabus. Ensure you allow enough time to prepare for all four papers equally. Attempt mock tests regularly at BYJU’s Exam Prep and record your scores to analyze your preparation status.

Due to high competition, the ACC exam’s competitiveness has increased in recent years. To ace the ACC written exam on the first attempt, you must follow a well-organized study strategy and quick tips.

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