How To Pick The Perfect Navy Rack In 2022?

You can never be completely ready for a naval deployment in so many ways. They’re long, lonely, exhausting, and full of challenges you’ve never encountered before. However, with the difficulties we face on ships like dehydration, intense cold, stress, and long travels, one thing we cannot afford to do is joke with our welfare. 

When it comes to deployment welfare, a lot of things come into play, like selecting the right fleet sheet, getting enough supplies, and of course, selecting the right navy rack. From research, many people take other factors like getting the right supplies seriously, but only a few consider which navy rack would best suit them. 

Here are some things you need to know to pick the perfect Navy rack in 2022. There are three navy racks, and while this might seem like a simple classification, many marines find this time off their normal duty station very difficult because of this simple decision. 

The Top Rack

As the name implies, the top rack is the highest rack set amongst the others. It is set at a height of about 6ft, making it considerably high and private for those who love to keep their rest time private. Of course, there is the option to use rack curtains, but the top rack offers the possibility of having your privacy without rack curtains.

Pros of the Top Rack

  • It is private even without the use of rack curtains.
  • It’s open at the top, which allows you to sit up easily.
  • It has a lot of shelving which you can use to hang light materials for your use.
  • People have limited access to your things.

Cons of the Top Rack

  • It’s a long climb for those who are shorter than 5 feet.
  • It’s a long fall down, especially for those who roll while they sleep.
  • There is no protection from the vents, so you will be affected by the air passing through them.

The Middle Rack

 The middle rack is the one you find in between the top and the bottom rack and is quite the ideal choice for many marines, of course. However, there are some things you need to know to consider the middle rack as the ideal choice.

Pros of the Middle Rack

Easily accessible, and this makes it easy to arrange and organize your supplies and clothes.

It’s quite easy to roll in and get some quality rest.

You can fold your things on your bed before getting them into your rack.

Cons of the Middle Rack

  • People might step on your bed to get to the top rack.
  • It holds a lot of heat, and this makes it very hot.

The Bottom Rack

This is the least selected rack by marines because it is very low – about 7 inches away from the deck – but it has its perks and could be a consideration for you if the pros outweigh the cons. 

Pros of the Bottom Rack

  • It’s relatively low, which is a great choice if you are private.
  • People do not consider sniffing around things kept around the bottom rack.
  • There is no need for any climbing before you get on your bed.

Cons of the Bottom Rack

  • Your bed would be constantly stepped on.
  • Organizing your things might require a lot of bending.
  • You get affected by spills and noise when people are moving around.

Bottom Line

Understanding what to expect from each navy rack and linking the information with your personal preferences would go a long way in making a choice that would best suit you and keep you comfortable throughout your deployment; good luck.

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