How to effectively manage multiple deadlines with a part-time job?

The modern era is the age of completion in which everyone has to struggle hard to match the race of life and survive. In this fast-moving world, students are also required to do constant hard work to achieve their academic and professional goals and to match the standards of living.

This time, almost every student is doing some sort of a job, either to practice side by side what they are learning through their education or to bear their educational expenses and fulfill the family needs. Here are some of the major challenges that students face while coping with both their academics and jobs at a time and how they can manage it all when they have multiple deadlines to meet.

Why it is Difficult to Manage Studies with jobs?

Following are the main problems that cause issues in managing jobs alongside studies.

– Time Management Issues

Difficulties in time management are the root cause of all the academic challenges faced by the employed students (Teng and Mustufa, 2017). When you are unable to manage your time, you would never be able to accomplish your job and educational responsibilities. These time management issues are sometimes genuine and sometimes the students’ own negligence leads them to face problems in managing their time such as delays in work, late-night hangouts, excessive use of social media, etc.

– Stress and Anxiety

The job and studies when moved together, frustrate the students and make them feel stressed. This anxiety limits their abilities and they become unable to fully perform their duties, even not in any one of the said grounds. Also, it affects their mental as well as physical health and impacts their academic growth badly.

– A Bulk of Tasks with Short Deadlines

When students have a bulk of tasks with short deadlines, it becomes more difficult for them to manage both their studies and job. Especially in the UK, students are frequently assigned essays with short deadlines which get them panic attacks and ultimately they seek assistance from the cheap essay writers UK based who can be their academic saviors, and in the meantime, they can focus on their job duties with peace.HD movies download from 1kmovies

Effective Guidelines to Manage Multiple Deadlines with a Part-Time Job

Students who do part-time jobs and are assigned multiple assignments at a time can consider the below0mentioned guidelines to meet their deadlines and shine on both grounds simultaneously.

· Wake Up Earlier

You should wake up earlier to efficiently manage your deadlines. Also, it is medically proven when you wake up late, it affects your health and makes you lazy. So you need to modify your morning routine so that you can start working on your tasks earlier. You feel energetic and more motivated when you’ll wake up early in the morning and proceed with your deadlines accordingly.

· Make a Schedule

You should make a schedule in which you divide your days for fulfilling your academic and job responsibilities. Determine how many assignments you have and how much time they will take to be completed. Then consider your part-time job hours and make your academic timetable in such a way that your study hours and job period do not overlap each other. To make your study hours productive, you must be focused on your assignments and their deadlines to meet the submission dates.

· Remove Distractions

You need to subtract all distractions from the surroundings to cope with the deadlines. You must be not thought of your assignments during your job hours but when you are studying make sure that there are no distractions in the surrounding. It will help you proceed fast.

· Plan Your Tasks

To plan your work proficiently, you must know how to prioritize the tasks. Determine which assignment needs to be done first; obviously, you will give priority to the one which is supposed to be submitted first. Side by side, you must consider whether there is any task concerning your job which is more urgent than all your academic deadlines and would not affect your grades if done on priority.

· Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination always leads you to face trouble at the 11th hour. You must not procrastinate your work, never at the beginning, nor in the midst of. Take the timetable-serious which you have prepared to meet the deadlines. Be strict to yourself because if you would not, you can never manage it all.

· No Pain No Gain – Learn to Sacrifice

Though it’s good to watch movies, listen to songs, hang out with friends, and go for dinners with partners to remain fresh and energetic. Most of the time it’s beneficial but if you will keep seeking pleasure in the name of stress-reliever breaks, you will miss the deadlines. To avoid failures in your academics as well as in your job you must take your responsibilities seriously. You should learn to sacrifice your pleasure, at least a little, to achieve your dreams and get bigger comforts in the future.

· Sustain your Mental and Physical Health

Along with all the hard work and untiring effort, you must take care of yourself. You shouldn’t compromise your health for the sake of workload management. Take proper sleep and a healthy diet so that you can sustain your physical and mental health (helpwithdissertation, 2021). If you are waking earlier, you must sleep earlier as well because it’s an old saying, ‘Early to bed and early to rise, is the way of healthy, wealthy and wise’.

· Use Smart Methods to complete Your Tasks

You should use smart options to manage your deadlines by availing of online academic assistance. For example, if you are a law student and assisting an advocate in an ongoing case which is your part-time job. Also, you have to write a dissertation and complete several essays along with your job, still, you are stressing over your dissertation topic selection, so should be wise enough to explore the tax law dissertation topics over the internet. You may also take help from professionals in this regard. In this way, you can save time to accomplish many of your other duties.


Though doing a job along with the studies has become a common practice, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to shine on both grounds the same. It is still much challenging for the students to cope with their studies and job at the same. The discussed guidelines will help you to handle multiple deadlines stand out on both educational and professional grounds the same.


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