How to convert Twitter to MP4 videos on Web and Mobile

Many people have asked me if they can convert Twitter videos to MP4? The response is that you absolutely can. However, it won’t be as simple as taking photos from Twitter. Since you can’t do it on the app itself, you have to use some tool like Twitter to MP4 converter. With these tools, whether it’s a tiny clip about dogs and cats or a rapid recipe to monitor, you can comfortably protect them on your device to review.

So how to convert Twitter to MP4 easily? If you are curious then you are reading the right article. In this object, we will show you which Twitter to MP4 converters you can practice and in what way they work on mobile devices and web browsers.

Twitter to MP4 converters used to download Twitter videos from the browser

First, let’s see how to convert Twitter to MP4 expending a web browser. These tools are really easy to use. Here are the online Twitter to MP4 converters you can custom to take videos after Twitter.

1. SnapTwitter

SnapTwitter.Com is a allowed online Twitter to MP4 converter where operators can except videos after Twitter and change them to MP4 files. The site does not need users to catalogue in order for them to use their facilities. However, operators essential to have a recorded Twitter explanation to be talented to convert videos effectively. In addition to regular videos, this tool is also very effective to download gif images without any cost.

2. TwitterVideoDownloader

Twitter Video Downloader is a web application tool that permits users to take videos and GIFs uploaded via Twitter. Videos downloaded via TwitterVideoDownloader are routinely uploaded as MP4 and can be protected directly to your telephone or computer.

3. Download-Twitter-Video

Twitter to MP4 converter supports downloading any video uploaded via Twitter and can be taken as MP4 or MP4 HD files. Download-Twitter-Video is 100% unrestricted. Furthermore, it is also quite simple; one click on the download key and the video will be downloaded to your computer instantly.

4. Net

SaveFrom.Net is another suitable choice for a Twitter to MP4 converter with which you can download videos from Twitter in MP4 file arrangement to your computer. It’s quick, informal, and 100% certain.

How to use online Twitter to MP4 converters

Here is the procedure on how to take Twitter videos expending the introduced Twitter to MP4 converters.

  • On Twitter, tick the video’s Share button and select the Copy tweet’s link.
  • Go to Twitter to MP4 converter SnapTwitter.
  • Paste the connection of the Twitter video into the URL bar on the website.
  • Click the Download symbol.
  • Finally, select Download video in the quality you see fit.

How to convert Twitter videos to MP4 on Android phones/tablets

You can save videos uploaded to Twitter from your smartphone otherwise tablet as easily as from a web browser. Videos can be downloaded using an app. Here are around apps to try.

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1. Download Twitter Videos

A tranquil and reckless application to convert Twitter videos to MP4. This app lets Twitter users download videos and GIFs, in dissimilar file set-ups and scopes, so you can open them up on your phone and share them with other platforms.

2. Video Downloader for Twitter

This app permits you to convert Twitter to MP4 in HD, SD and other resolves obtainable for videos. Similar to additional apps, this container download videos and GIFs to your mobile effortlessly.

3. TwiMate Downloader TwiMate

Downloader is considered an effective Twitter to MP4 converter in the niche. It’s easy to usage and 100% allowed. Plus, it offers different transfer resolves for downloading videos.

So how do you use slightly of these apps? The ladders are quite humble and nearly the same.

  • On Twitter, go to the video you need to download.
  • Tap the piece button and tap Part Tweet Via.
  • Then select the video downloader app you have on your phone.
  • Press the Download key on the app.
  • Next, select the resolve or file arrangement for the video you want.
  • Finally, wait for the videotape to download to your phone. Once complete, you can go gaining and timepiece the videos or portion them on additional stages.

How to Download Twitter Videos from iPhone with

Shortcuts Apple’s Shortcuts App is a very powerful application. Apple mobile trick users canister now achieve many purposes with fair a insufficient taps on their plans with the help of this app. Here, we’ll use the Shortcuts app to prove how to except videos from Twitter to your iPhone or iPad.

  • First, open Settings on your device and tap on Shortcuts.
  • Turn on Permit untrusted shortcuts.
  • Go forward and download the Twitter video downloader shortcut.
  • Then the shortcut application will identify the add-on. Scroll to the lowest of the shade and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut.
  • Thus the shortcut will be additional to your Shortcut library for custom.
  • On Twitter, tap the tweet’s Share button.
  • Find Twitter Video Downloader V2.6 among the choices.
  • The Video Downloader Shortcut will then presentation and request you to choose a resolve option.
  • Once done, the shortcut will do its job. and the video will be prepared to view on your Photos app.


The Twitter to MP4 converter introduced above will help you convert Twitter to MP4 videos. However, due to the lively countryside of the Internet, around of these applications may change their footings and circumstances. However, we have tried to introduce you to the best tools. Try it out and let us know the results in the comments.

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