How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth

As the rest of the establishments are beginning to reopen after the debacle that was COVID, many businesses have suffered disorganization and uncleanliness regarding their business being closed down and abandoned. Cleanliness is certainly a small issue, especially if your establishment is small. However, for big businesses renting out commercial spaces or even a whole building for their operations, cleaning the place can be a whole issue.

Luckily for us, commercial cleaning companies exist, and they specialize in this very matter. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies on the internet today. If you’re in Perth, there are also many choices regarding which company to take for commercial cleaning. So how exactly do you pick one for your business? Here are some tips.

Hold Interviews First

Of course, as business owners, our businesses are our babies, and we wouldn’t let just anyone take up the mantle of cleaning it up. That said, before hiring any team for commercial cleaning from a cleaning company, it’s better to interview and do some preliminary research before hiring a team. 

You can ask about their experience in the industry, the hiring process for their employees, and even the standards they follow when cleaning a commercial place. If they give satisfactory answers, you can then ask about their price or their work hours. You need a team that can do the job and adheres to your schedules. And with this, you can see if a commercial cleaning company is up for the job if you conduct your interviews first.

Look for their Reference

You can ask for this information during the interview phase, but they can give you their reference outright through a document or an email. However, why is this important? By looking through their references, you can usually see the clientele they had in the past and how they went and did their job for them.

Some cleaning companies have before and after pictures for their reference. Still, if you want to be sure, you can call each of their references and ask them about their experience with that specific commercial cleaning company. You can then ask about the service they provide, like did they have any issues with the company or if they would recommend the company to another business.

Reputation and Experience

It’s essential to gauge your trust in your commercial cleaning company if you’re looking to find one for your business. This is basic if you allow them to clean while you’re in the building. But more important is your trust in the company when people are fast asleep. 

Trust allows you to rest easy, and they will do the job even after hours. But how do you know if you can trust the company’s reputation? You can usually do this by asking yourself these three questions:

  • Are they well-established? If the company is locally known in Perth, it must have a good reputation in the local area.
  • Do they have many accounts? If they are working with various businesses in different industries, they must have a good level of cleaning expertise that can be applied to different situations.
  • And lastly, their reference, which we discussed earlier in this article.

See If They Have Liability Insurance

Your equipment in your establishment is extremely important for your business to operate. For example, if you’re an IT company in Perth, it’s very important that both your hardware and software are safe in every weather condition. 

That said, we all know that accidents are possible when cleaning, so before you hire a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to ensure they have liability insurance. A cleaning company with liability insurance ensures that its insurance policy will reimburse any damaged property and equipment inside the establishment.

Learn About Their Hiring Process

Suppose a commercial cleaning company has liability insurance. In that case, it’s also a sign that they trust their employees, which means they have a strict hiring process before an applicant gets hired as their employee. But still, it’s crucial to ask them about their hiring process before you hire a team from them.

You can ask how they find, recruit, and vet their employees. Or what industry standards are the following while training their employees? Remember, you let a crew from them enter your building and allow them access to every room. Given this fact, it’s important to ensure that the people you’re letting in are trustworthy enough to do your jobs and nothing else.

Final Words

There are probably hundreds of commercial cleaning companies in a city like Perth alone. It’s a hub for businesses, after all, which means there are a lot of businesses commercial cleaning companies can have. 

That said, just because there are a lot of choices doesn’t mean you can just pick any company. Never be too complacent, especially to people you’re letting in through your doors, and to pick the best one out of all of them in Perth, you can follow the tips we discussed above.

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