How to choose canteen furniture for your business

With workplaces and schools being such an essential part of daily life, providing an inviting, comfortable place for people to relax, eat and drink is very important.

Keep reading to find out how to purchase the best canteen furniture for your space.


One of the main factors to take into consideration is how comfortable the seating is. Small seats and hard materials are not comfy and can put people off using the facilities.

Choosing furniture with padded seats is ideal and for an even more comfortable seating solution, you could consider canteen chairs with ergonomic backrests.


Well-designed eating places provide better relaxation to staff and students, helping them to increase their productivity. Therefore deciding on furniture that goes with the style of your business can create an inviting and friendly environment for people to relax in.

The good news is that canteen furniture is available in various colours, styles and sizes, so you can find a match for your space without any hassle.


Planning out how many canteen chairs and tables are required, and how they will fit in the space you have, is crucial.

If your cafeteria is a large, busy space, you may want to have rectangular tables, allowing you to accommodate a large number of people. Alternatively, smaller cafeterias may benefit from small, circular tables, which take up less space while still encouraging a convivial atmosphere.

If you have an outdoor area you may also want to consider outdoor furniture. This increases your total seating capacity and stops anyone from having to look around in a desperate search for an empty space.


Financial considerations will play a big part in which canteen chairs you choose, so knowing your budget limitations beforehand is beneficial.

Plastic canteen furniture is very popular, especially within tighter budget limits. They are readily available in a wide variety of colours and sizes to best suit your space. More upmarket options include metal or wood; however, they usually cost more and require a little more upkeep, as they can be harder to clean.

A good tip when trying to save money is to buy furniture in package deals, which usually offer matching furniture sets across dining spaces at reasonable prices.


If your cafeteria area is regularly utilised for other activities too (such as for meetings or assemblies) then choosing furniture that is easy to move is very important.

It can be difficult to move heavy or solid wood furniture in lunchrooms for cleaning purposes, whereas folding tables and chairs can easily be moved for efficient cleaning and rearrangement. This type of furniture is also convenient to transport if your business needs to relocate in the future.

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