How to analyze soccer matches? 

Successful betting implies a high-quality study of several levels at once: global planning, strategic, tactical, and operational. It is at the operational level that game strategies are applied, specific matches and bets are selected. Then you analyze them: look at odds, statistics, and other factors. By the way, you can find all this information directly on the website of one of the best bookmakers – 22Bet.

Before diving into the details and nuances, let’s take a quick look at the entire list of possible options. We can distinguish four basic approaches to analyzing games. They are based on:

  • Bookmaker odds;
  • Statistics;
  • XG indicator;
  • A complex of factors.

Bookmaker odds

Beginners are too trustful and believe that the odds in the bookmaker’s line always reflect the real probability of the outcome. The coefficient reflects not only the real probability but also speculation. Since the odds are not so reliable, then the analysis only of these indicators is meaningless. You should have an alternative method of analysis.


Another method of analyzing soccer matches is statistics. The player opens the match list on a sports portal and goes into the details. On such websites, you can see a lot of data on past meetings of the teams. You can also go into recent games and see how the teams played.

XG indicator 

If the analysis of classical statistics does not seem to be so accurate to you, there are alternative, more modern methods that may help. For example, soccer fans and bettors often look at xG indicators. In fact, this is a numerical or graphic expression of not just shoots for goal, but also a gradation of their danger.

XG analysis is commonly used to predict the future performance of teams. Let’s say that some team in the last 10 games actually scored an average of 0.75 goals per match, and according to the xG indicator, it should have made 1.5 at least. It may mean that in the next games the team will score at least one goal. The betclic is an online gambling site where you can earn real money. 

A complex of factors 

These can be such factors as:

  • Motivation
  • Line-up
  • Playing style
  • Matches schedule

Dozens of other smaller factors can be cited, such as the relationship of managers, the weather, the quality of the pitches, small motivators, such as club anniversaries, city days, management birthdays, and the like.

Betting with 22Bet

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