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How to add proper Lighting to your Bathroom Remodel

Have  you recently bought a house in Noida? Are you looking to decorate your bathroom in your newly bought 2 bhk flat in Noida? Lighting gives you the classy look of any space at your home. Select lights according to the spacing inside the room to make use of the brightness in every corner.

Lighting in the bathroom plays a major role where we groom ourselves which needs enough lighting to not go overboard on our shaving or doing make up.So there are many tips for better bathroom lighting.

Designing bathroom lighting is key in getting the brightness everywhere in the bathroom.

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Natural Lighting

Nothing comes in the way of natural lighting.Natural lighting in your bathroom gives the vibe to the space. Placing your bathtubs area near the big windows gives you ample space for light to enter.

Designing a bathroom with glass doors for the bath area also gives you light.Privacy concerns can be taken care of by curtains and blinds in your bathroom.

This makes your bath time refreshing and relaxing too with small lighting.

LED lights

This is one budget-friendly and easily available lighting for your bathroom lighting designs.Easily manageable, eco friendly, energy conservation and efficient enough to use it on your space.

This is mess free and workmanship is low.Easy to maintain which can come for many years.This makes your bathroom looks clean and neat without any mess.

Vanity lights

Vanity area where we spend some extra time in getting ready so the light should focus on our face which should reflect well by the walls.Downside lights gives a shadow placing lights at the side of the mirror gives enough lighting around your space.

Using Led lights can be an energy saver and it can reflect lights well.Downside lights give you the shadow to your face that spoils the look.If can’t fix lights on sides make light hanging on either side of the walls to give enough lighting.

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Lighting in the bathroom somewhat decides our mood of the day because we start our day from there by seeing our face in the morning.So natural Light or the designer light we fix should enhance the room space and bath areas.

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Particularly we should consider our elders for whom lighting is important in the bathroom to avoid fall.Many options are discussed for amazing lighting bathroom ideas.Make use of the key points to light your Bathroom space and energy efficient too.

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