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How Many Followers on TikTok to Go Live

TikTok is currently one of the most influential short video sharing platforms on social media. There are countless active users who have been spending lots of time on this platform. It is constantly coming up with all new unique features to meet the needs of the user.

TikTok Live Stream is one of the most valuable services in its continuity. Users can use it only by selecting a touch of a button. Using this feature, users can promote the content of dance songs in real-time, starting from their various recipes.

But to do this marketing for TikTok, it has some specific guidelines, one of which is to gain a certain amount of followers. So if you are interested in learning about this function, this article will provide you with a piece of descriptive information.

Numbers of Followers That You Need to Go Live on TikTok:

TikTok’s live stream feature is currently receiving a wide response from its users. However, every new user will not get the TikTok live stream facility if they wish. It requires certain qualifications, one of which is to have a certain number of followers in the user profile. If you want to get the TikTok live stream feature, you will need a minimum of more than one thousand followers.

Moreover, this feature will be automatically added to your Tick Talk application whenever your TikTok profile achieves this specified number of followers. Also, another fact is that the user must be 16 or older. This live stream feature allows viewers to exchange virtual gifts, various messages, emoji and cash directly.

Procedure to Go Live on TikTok:

Since the TikTok app developer always creates the most functional and straightforward application interface for their users, it can be said that the TikTok Live Stream feature is elementary to use. When you qualify to use the Live Stream feature in TikTok, you can use the Live Stream service by following just a few steps.

To use the TikTok Live Stream feature first, you need to open the Application and find the Live Stream icon at the bottom. Here you will find the regular record button as well as the live stream button. You can also find various exciting features by clicking such background image selection and title.

Things Need to Consider Before doing TikTok Live Streams:

It’s hard to find a TikTok user who doesn’t want their live streaming of countless viewers. That’s why you should look at some essential things so that your TikTok live streaming can increase the number of Viewers, Likes, Comments, and Share. The most important thing is that you have to choose a time.

When your profile has the highest number of active followers, you need to accurately analyze at this particular point. This means you have a tremendous amount of audience engagement potential. Before you start live streaming activities, you should take adequate preparation on how you will arrange your live stream and how long you will keep the live stream. To set the time duration on the TikTok live stream, we recommend 30 minute.

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