How is Ludo successfully taking over the online gaming world?

Whenever we talk about Ludo, we go back to our childhood. Ludo was passed from generation to generation. So it does have a nostalgic effect on it. Pretty sure that at least 70% of the people in the world have played ludo once in their entire life, be it an online ludo game or the offline version of it. If not played, people must have heard about it, as it is rare for a household to not introduce their kid to this beautiful game.  

The popularity of Ludo was realized during the pandemic when the virus made us sit at home. Ludo either had the most screen time or the most downloads, especially in April, right after the lockdown was announced. Some reasons why this happened and why it is still leading the gaming industry are listed below. Visit here for information about Dynamic Duo Costumes

Reasons for Ludo’s Domination over the online gaming world:-

1. Childhood Nostalgia

When the world came to a pause most people got a break in their life. This made them go back to their good old tension-free days that is their childhood. Now, it has an intense impact on fun and leisure on our childhood. In those times, people did not have many options because they lacked technology. 

So the only known game (in most cases) by our parents was ludo. This was the reason that ludo took the online gaming world by storm. So,  Download the ludo game to remember your childhood days.

2. Easy to play

Ludo is one of the most elementary games ever. Ludo is not surrounded by any taboos or ill practices in the eyes of society, like gambling. This makes it a preferred game over many games. It is easy for literally all age groups and it is thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Sadly, not all games online share the age-specific convenience, so this is where ludo emerges as the winner. The Ludo game is preferred by parents for their kids because it is educational too. The colors, numbers, and maths in the game, help their kids learn and enjoy. This makes ludo a family member and its spark will never die. 

3. Way of earning

Playing ludo for cash is preferred by college and high school students for their pocket money. With lucrative tournaments, one can achieve a lot and become a pro in the game easily. The online ludo also allows you to try playing with your strongest competitors globally. 

This gives the youths a good adrenaline boost when their nostalgia is met with treats like cash. The system of earning money is entirely legal, unlike many myths. It is truly a cherry on the cake that our nostalgia meets with a way of earning for ourselves. So, download the ludo game for living your youth with fun. 

4. Simple Graphics

Unlike games like candy crush, very few online games have a soothing yet powerful graphic, one of them being Ludo. The simple graphics attract even the senior citizens to play it and pass their time because it does not involve much physical work. 

The ludo game is not strenuous, unlike games like Pubg, Call of Duty, Temple Run, Pes, Fifa, etc. This makes this a soothing go-to game for all. Apart from this, Ludo is not even gender-stereotyped like Pes or candy crush. This pulls in more and more crowds. In addition, ludo is not as addictive as many other games online, which also helps children to play with their parent’s permission. 

5. The release of emotions

Ludo is a simple yet power-packed game. It helps release all kinds of emotions while playing it. The intense suspense with every dice roll, the disappointment when you are so close to the home and yet get canceled, and the happiness when you get the 3 sixes or when you are saved by a margin due to the dice roll makes the game no less than a soap opera. 


Ludo is a game that has always left a mark on our lives, and it will continue to do it. So practice and enjoy this sport online only on the WinZo app. So, what are you waiting for? ludo game download on WinZo to play and earn now.

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