How IPL has gone on to alter the way we play cricket?

The year 2008 was one of the most important years in Indian cricket. For every cricket lover, this was one of the most notable advancements, and IPL has brought about a transformation in the way the game is played. Just go through IPL live video and you can be a testimony to the changes taking place in the world of cricket. Ever since its inception till the conclusion of the last league game in 2022, every game did have an exciting aura to it. Each season promises to be more interesting than the earlier one. One thing is for sure IPL has gone on to change how cricket is played all across the world.

They got rid of the stereotypes associated with the game.

Due to its popularity and since the leadership does have its say, this path was followed by IPL in the same manner. But after a couple of years, the governing council thought that this decision was not ideally suited for the game of cricket. When a franchise chose a player based on their earlier records, it was not ideally suited for a cricket game.

The IPL franchises have turned a new leaf in the last few years. This is in particular reference to the captaincy scenario as the franchises are willing to call a spade a spade. Some of the leadership skills like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and recently Hardik Pandya did make their mark. An example that attracted a lot of attention was Hardik Pandya. When he was given the captaincy of Gujarat Titans, there were quite a lot of eyebrows. There was a general assumption among the masses that young people were not equipped to handle captaincy. 

But Pandya went on to prove them wrong by winning the IPL in the first year of the franchise. This has gone on to break the myth that young players are not suited to handle the pressure of captainship. A lot of franchises have young captains and they have won a lot of games for their franchise.

A platform for the young talent to showcase their worth

IPL has gone on to be the platform for future stars in the cricket game. The structuring of the league has gone on to deserve a lot of credit for the same. Most of the debutants who are part of the league witness the numerous pressure points and go on to set their beginning as great players. It would be really difficult to come across an international platform where the budding talents of the country can showcase their real worth.

In the event of having watched IPL over a decade or so, you would have gone on to realize the same. New talent brings in new avenues to the league and a lot of new strokes have been discovered. A lot of the superstars have gone on to represent the country, and we do feel proud. The credit goes to a platform like IPL for such a situation to arise.

Gaming strategy has undergone a major change

Once upon a time, all of us were used to ODI cricket and test cricket. But come T 20, we have gone on to undergo a major change in the manner by which we view and perceive cricket. It is a slam gang bang version where the entertainment value is fully derived. Due to the time management modules in place, the teams or the batsman needs to devise ways where you can score runs. Innovation has scripted a new chapter in the evolution of such leagues. Whatever runs that are scored by the opposition are achieved by the other team in an easy manner. Even a score of 200 is not rated to be safe in a T-20 game. Once upon a team, a score of 250 was more than enough in a 50-over game. Various instances have come to the fore where these scores have been chased with relative ease. Suspense, along with thrills, are very much part of the game of cricket.

Bowlers and their wicket-taking abilities

The batsman has not only altered their technique, but the bowlers have also undergone a major transformation in the manner by which they operate. A lot of the bowlers have gone on to add new deliveries as part of their armoury. Examples are knuckleball and the different versions of slower balls that make it difficult for the batsman to score. Bowling in death is a speciality, and bowlers need to have specific skills to succeed. Ideally, a bowler should be able to bowl a couple of good overs with the new ball and come back at the death to complete his quota. This is going to bring about a major transformation in the manner the game is played.

A glance at the history of IPL suggests that the teams that have good bowling attacks have gone on to lift the trophies. One of the teams that has done consistently is Mumbai Indians, and a lot of credit is due to Jasprit Bumrah, who has been outstanding with the ball.

The world comes to a stop with IPL taking over.

With the evolution of the internet, IPL is no longer restricted to the home country. A lot of boards have gone on to feel that the league has made BCCI one of the richest boards in the country. Few boards have gone on to start their own versions of the T 20 league. One thing is for sure the evolution of the leagues has been of immense help to discovering the local talent. An example that comes to the fore is the Afghanistan premier league that went on to discover a few outstanding players from the country.

To conclude it is an obvious fact that IPL has gone on to alter the landscape of cricket in India. It has brought about a new outlook in the manner by which people tend to view and perceive cricket.

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