How does the Solana Monkey Business Work? Expert Guide

The NFT market was valued at $200 million in lifetime sales at one point in 2017. Cryptopunks were the first to get on the NFT bandwagon. At the time of writing, the NFT market was valued at $10.8 billion, with several projects underway, boosting its yearly growth by 1,785 percent. The Ethereum network is choking on its success in hosting NFTs as a result of such a tremendous expansion. 

Thanks to the crypto-kitty event, where costs might reach $100. At the moment, there is some progress. However, it is insufficient to sustain the complete NFT ecosystem. With the average transaction cost still hovering at $12.2. According to Etherscan, NFT collectors and projects are looking for alternatives.

The Solana Monkey Business Best Wallets

There hasn’t been much change in wallets. Phantom remains the industry standard, with a comparable position and prestige to MetaMask on Ethereum.

The Phantom wallet is quite simple to set up and fund with your freshly obtained SOL, and the browser plugin makes NFT purchases extremely simple. It also includes a page that displays your NFTs, allowing you to quickly validate that you received what you paid for after minting a new project.

Go-to marketplaces

When it comes to secondary marketplaces, the Solana monkey business is more fragmented than Ethereum’s and lacks (yet) an unambiguous champion like OpenSea.

One explanation for the dispersion is because all of the major markets are curated, some more strictly than others. At the same time, this implies fewer scammers than on more open marketplaces. It is still recommended to keep looking for verified collections before making a purchase, following the collection’s direct connections from their Discord or Twitter page.

Solanart is the largest and most reputable marketplace, but it is also the most regulated. Other projects take days or weeks to get posted here, and some are still not mentioned weeks after they debut.

Anticipation continues to Rise for Monkey Business.


The forthcoming MonkeyBall NFT release will include Gen-0 Monkeys. Players may generate Gen-1 Monkeys by breeding Gen-0 Monkeys, and so forth. The goal of the game is to guarantee that there are enough teams and leagues to ensure matching.

Notably, Monkeys will have a variety of looks, fundamental game talents, benefits, rarity levels, gameplay abilities, and other features.

Moneyball has attracted a lot of interest from the larger crypto and blockchain gaming community in recent months. For example, the creators of Draftkings, along with Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, iAngels, and Longhash, supported MonkeyBall in a $3 million round in October 2021.

Furthermore, in December 2021, the MonkeyBall team secured an unknown amount of capital from Alameda Research and other prominent crypto investment organizations. Both rounds, by the way, supplemented MonkeyBall’s first DEX Offering on Starlaunch in November 2021.

Final Verdict:

The Solana monkey business joined the market as an ETH destroyer. As the NFT craze grew in popularity, the ecosystem grew in terms of community and project choice. At the time, it could be done was wait and see, as Solana had already been subjected to a DoS assault. Such incidents are familiar, but the NFT market is unquestionably ready to accept the new blockchain environment.

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