How Do You Write a Video Production Contract Template?

Professional video producers will need to have a well-crafted video production contract to ensure that they get paid on time for the production work which they have done. This contract also protects you if things don’t go as planned. A video production contract should cover all the terms and conditions that govern all the parties to the contract. These terms and conditions must be discussed and agreed on by all the parties before the commencement of the project.

A video production contract can be crafted after doing some research and without proper research, there is a likelihood of you running into problems. The best approach to take is to use prewritten video production contract templates that are available online. You can download them and customize them a little to suit your unique requirements.  You can save your customized templates, and you will be making a few changes from time to suit the needs of your SEO and digital marketing clients.

Procedure to follow when writing Video Production Contract Templates

1. Talk with the client first

You should organize a meeting with the client. In this session, the client will try to understand the sets of skills that you have and how better suited you are towards making sure that the best output is delivered. After the first session, you will have agreed on the rate that the SEO professional will charge.

2. Write it down

You should know that you cannot enforce verbal agreements, and in case some issues arise from your working together, it will be hard to enforce in any court of law. So ensure that you have a properly written contract since this will help to safeguard you.

3. Simplicity is paramount

Do proper and in-depth research, but this doesn’t mean that you have to write a lot of unnecessary things in the contract document. Use numbered headings that will make it easy for all the parties to the contract to understand the issues that have been captured right inside there.

4. Agree on the deliverables and the production facilities

This is the biggest and the most important part of the contract. Video production deals with varied issues that include serving the client with music, production notes, creative supervision, and a wide range of clearances. The material that needs to be used and the length of the project should be agreed on.

5. Agree on termination

Agree on what happens when the client terminates the contract. Also, state the penalties that are applicable if that happens. In most instances, there is a penalty of 50% to the client if they terminate the contract before an agreed period.

6. Changes and revisions

Make sure that you agree on the number of edits and revisions that will need to be requested and the duration which it will take for that to be effected.

7. Payment schedule

As part of the contract for video production, you should agree on the schedule of receiving payments.


Writing a video production template should not be cumbersome. You can download the templates online and edit them to suit your needs. However, there are standard features that video production templates should cover, and among them are the fees, cancellations, edits, and deliverables among others.

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