HiPP Formula Guide for Stage 1


For 60 years, HiPP has been a family-run business that offers families the best organic baby food. HiPP formula can be used as a replacement for breastfeeding because of its natural attributes. Infants are provided with all the nutrients they need for a healthy upbringing with HiPP baby formula.

After doing significant research on breast milk over a long period, HiPP Nutritional Science has created several formulas to satisfy the diverse needs of infants.

HiPP UK Stage 1

Stage 1 is the standard formula for infants up to six months old. Stage 1 formulas frequently have soothing ingredients that replicate breast milk as nearly as possible.

Some stage 1 formulas cut out starches, which might be beneficial for infants who struggle with digestion or have sensitive stomachs.

Instructions to prepare HiPP UK Stage 1

  1. Boil fresh water, then cool it to a temperature between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Verify that the water is not overly hot.
  2. To a sanitized bottle, add the desired amount of boiled water
  3. Calculate the recommended dosage of formula powder. Add the powder to the water after leveling it with the measuring spoon.
  4. Shake the bottle well after closing it.
  5. Cool to a comfortable drinking temperature of about 98.6° F or 37 C. Check the temperature using a thermometer, if required.


It is always essential to know the intake for the baby. Mentioned below are the guidelines for the required age. At the same time, add powder using only the measuring spoon supplied with the box.

  •   0 – 2 Weeks

Add 2 scoops of powder in 60 ml water 7-8 times daily.

  •   3 – 4 Weeks

Add 3 scoops of powder in 90 ml water 5-7 times daily.

  •   5-8 Weeks

Add 4 scoops of powder in 120 ml water 5-6 times daily.

  •   2nd-4 Month

Add 5 scoops of powder in 150 ml water 5 times a day.

  •   5th Month

Add 6 scoops of powder in 180 ml water 4-5 times daily.

  •   6th Month

Add 7 scoops of powder in 210 ml water 7 times a day.

  •   7th- 9th Month

Add 5 scoops of powder in 150 ml water 4 times a day.

  •   10th-12th Month

Add 4 scoops of powder in 120 ml water 3 times a day.

 Things to know

  •   Create feed as necessary
  •   Use the made-up bottle right away
  •   Throw away any remaining milk

Last thoughts

HiPP UK formula stage 1 is a nutritionally balanced organic baby formula that is safe for newborns from 0 to 6 months of age and has no adverse effects. Before introducing formula to the baby, please read the product information and speak with a medical expert. For a healthy life, make sure your infant consumes good food.

All baby formulae contain carbs, just like breast milk does. They play a significant role in your baby’s diet. So it is always essential to choose the right food product for your baby, and Hipp UK is just the product for your infants.

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