HempWorx Reviews: Pure Hemp CBD Oil for Skin, Mental & Brain Health

Are you looking for a natural and environmentally friendly remedy for your skin care concerns? If so, HempWorx may be the solution you’re looking for! This company produces a variety of natural skin care products made from hemp oil, including face wash, moisturizer, and lip balm. Mixx is a company that specializes in supplying Instagram likes, views, and other marketing tools to its clients. Everything on the HempWorx website is USDA Certified Organic, and all of their products are free of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients. What are you waiting for? Give HempWorx a try today!

Is HempWorx CBD Oil legit?

Is it the purest CBD Oil available in the market?

If you’ve questions about HempWorx, I wrote this article with you in mind to share my firsthand experiences using the oil, the bath bomb, anti-aging cream, and even the dog treats.

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Truly, HempWorx has been making waves on various discussion boards and social media groups for a reason: It works.

No, it’s not the most powerful CBD oil you can think of, but it plays its role well in helping people boost their mental and brain health.

Cannabidiol, which is commonly referred to as CBD, is a hot product in the market nowadays.

Aside from meeting people’s health needs, CBD Oil has become a source of profitable business to so many people.

Imagine HempWorx offering income opportunities to anyone including those who purchase the product; if they sell bottles of CBD oils to others across the 50 US states, they can make extra income from it. We’ll discuss the income opportunities in a different post next week.

The most pressing question you may have at this time is “does HempWorx truly deserve the craze, is it worth my money or time or is it a total scam?”

Perhaps, you’re familiar with HempWorx especially as their popularity surges across the web with so many celebrities, athletes, and bodybuilders embracing it.

In this Hempworx review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about HempWorx, how the product works, and in a subsequent article, I’ll discuss the business opportunities.

What Is HempWorx?

Table of Contents

What Is HempWorx?

Is HempWorx pure CBD Oil?

HempWorx Website Background Information

HempWorx Products: What Do They Offer?

  1. HempWorx 500 Reviews

How Much Does HempWorx 500mg Cost?

  1. HempWorx Reviews – 750 mg
  2. CBD Coffee & Keto Creamer
  3. HempWorx Relief
  4. Renew Anti-Aging Cream
  5. HempWorx for Pets

HempWorx Testimonials — What others say

Should You Buy HempWorx CBD?

How Much Does HempWorx Cost?

Benefits of HempWorx Products

  1. FDA Approved Facility
  2. HempWorx is Easy to Use
  3. A Variety of CBD Products to Choose From
  4. Proven Results Overtime

HempWorx Ingredients

How to Take HempWorx

What is the Right HempWorx Dosage to Take?

Where to Buy HempWorx

HempWorx Scam and Compliants

HempWorx is a networking company based out of Kentucky, USA. The company primarily manufactures and sells low THC (0.3% as per Federal limit) cannabis, popularly known as hemp.

The company extracts CBD oil made from non-GMO, pesticide-free, and CO2 extracted hemp oil.

HempWorx claims that their oils are the most potent, purest, and most effective CBD Oil for achieving optimal mental and brain health.

Is HempWorx pure CBD Oil?

Yes, every bottle of HempWorx CBD oil contains pure, potent, premium grade. Non-GMO. And it’s safe because the ingredients are from natural sources.

HempWorx Website Background Information

HempWorx exists under the parent company, My Daily Choice, which was founded in 2014 by Josh and Jeena Zwagil. The company has been in existence for the past 5 years and they have gained some ratings in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We will discuss them more in this Hempworx Reviews.

HempWorx Products: What Do They Offer?

The company’s main products are focused on CBD Oil. As their company culture is, they ensured that no trace of GMOs, pesticides, or carbon dioxide are found in the product.

The essential oil is extracted from the Cannabis in order to retain the formulation that’s needed by the body.

A quick search in the HempWorx Store will reveal the following products, which are targeted at people who’d like to purchase CBD oils:

CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops

Renew Anti Aging CBD Cream

CBD Keto Coffee Creamers

Revive Collagen Anti Aging CBD Cream

CBD Pet Treats & Oil

CBD Hemp Infused Coffee

Relief Icy Pain Rub CBD Cream

Aside from the above original CBD formula, HempWorx has also introduced a new Cinnamon flavor.

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1. HempWorx 500 Reviews

HempWorx 500mg is one of the most effective concentrations of active Cannabidiol (CBD), we also have 700mg and 300mg. How do you decide the right concentration to use?

Is the HempWorx 500 mg the right dose for you?

The HempWorx 500mg CBD Oil is majorly the go-to product because of its potency. This is one aspect you need to consider whenever you’re buying any CBD-derived oil or supplement.

When choosing the ideal dose for you, you also need to understand how the body responds. Even though each variation has been tested, you’ll agree with me that the human body will react differently in terms of how it absorbs the product.

The 500 mg variation from our HempWorx reviews is a great choice — given the results that people have recorded after consistent use. It sits in the middle and is carefully formulated with a good amount of concentration that any CBD Oil formulation can offer.

Even though the 750 mg variation seems to be more potent and stronger, at the end of the day, you need to figure out whether the dosage is appropriate for your body or not. That’s what counts in the end!

Ideally, it’s recommended to start with a lower dosage that your body can get used to quicker, then work your way up as the body begins to respond positively to it.

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How Much Does HempWorx 500mg Cost?

Here’s the cost breakdown based on the number of bottles you want:

$69.99 + Shipping (1 Bottle)

$199.99 + Shipping (4 Bottles)

$599 + Shipping (12 Bottles)

When you’re placing your order, remember that the 750 mg variation will add an additional $20 to each price point.

This is as a result of the added concentration. However, if you’re only interested in the 500 mg version, you’ll get the regular discount as mentioned above.

With these prices, you’re going to save big if you’re ready to commit and want a solid deal. The ability to save a bit of money and still get an authentic product that’s right for your brain and mental health is priceless.

That said, it’s a great investment to make and HempWorx is already leading the market.

You can choose this option if you don’t want to go with a “1 bottle” arrangement and prefer a deal that comes as a larger batch.

Choose the 4 or 12 bottle discount and enjoy a great set of products without losing additional money.

2. HempWorx Reviews – 750 mg

When you invest in HempWorx 750 mg concentration, you’ll be getting an all-in-one CBD oil, and as you can expect it does several functions at the same time.

Proper administration of this HempWorx 750 CBD Oil, will help to fix mental loss, eliminate the symptoms, and restore optimum brain performance over time.

This concentration comes with several packages all based on what the customer wants to purchase at any given time. If you’re looking for a great deal, here are all the prices to help you make the right buying decisions.

1 Bottle = $89 + Shipping

4 Bottles = $219 + Shipping

12 Bottles = $619 + Shipping

Note: Don’t be surprised to see the 750mg CBD Oil concentration priced $20 higher than any other CBD-derived product sold by HempWorx.

This is due to the added concentration used in its formulation. If you’re looking for a good deal based on your budget, you’re better off buying a larger batch so that you can save a bit of money. If this isn’t right for you, continue reading our HempWorx reviews for more options.

Interestingly, you’ll get even more discount if you order for 12 bottles at once. Free Samples Available

3. CBD Coffee & Keto Creamer

A few months ago, HempWorx announced one of the most potent CBD-infused produced, and they called it the CBD Coffee and Keto-friendly Creamers!

This could be the best time to check it out, with as little as $2.30 per cup, which is pretty amazing when you factor in the CBD that it’s infused with!

Here are the things you should know about the latest CBD innovation:

All-Natural Ingredients

150mg of CBD per Box

Instant Arabica Coffee



Gluten Free


You could decide to take your coffee black, but you’re like me that prefer it creamer, then HempWorx has got your back! With their brand-new CBD coffee, you’re in good hands — because now you have access to some delicious keto-friendly CBD creamers.

Here are some of the things you should know about the Keto Coffee Creamers:

Comes in 3 Amazing Flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha

Gluten Free

0% THC





Get your hands on this brand new coffee and creamer options and your morning will never be the same again, courtesy of HempWorx! Order Now

4. HempWorx Relief

When you’re out for the best and all-natural way to finally treat sore muscles, painful joints, bruises, and all those discomforts, the HempWorx Relief Icy Pain Rub is right here. According to the company, it’s a topical pain rub with pure CBD oil.

A few things you should know about the HempWorx Relief Rub:

Soothes your joint and relieves muscle pains


Infused with Emu Oil

Contains 50 mg of Active CBD

The HempWorx Relief Rub is seriously amazing and could be the perfect solution when you’re looking to soothe and relax your muscles.

3. Renew Anti-Aging Cream

Are you ready to experience the power of Apple Stem cells? The HempWorx Renew Cream is primarily formulated for the treatment of skin-related wrinkles with a special anti-aging blend.

When used consistently (i.e., daily), you’ll experience a younger, tighter, and brighter skin from the inside.

Aside from improving the longevity of your skin cells, it will equally work on the wrinkles and fine lines to keep your younger, more confident, and goal-driven.

HempWorx Renew Cream is powered by 50 mg of active CBD and contains 0% THC.

5. HempWorx for Pets

Various CBD products have been made to treat pets-related illnesses such as anxiety, pain, and to enhance their overall balance and health status.

The HempWorx CBD Dog Treats for Pets are Beef flavored and offers a blend of CBD oil designed just for your favorite pets. The Hempworx CBD oil for pets is also bacon flavored, so your dogs are sure to fall in love with it.

Remember that all the CBD-based products for Pets from HempWorx are carefully formulated in the USA from healthy natural ingredients, and are free from soy, corn, grain, and artificial ingredients. Get relief for your pets today!

HempWorx Testimonials — What others say

I came across a review last night where the customer said that HempWorx’s CBD Oil products are effective and soothing.

In his words:

it does a decent job of alleviating pain and easing stress.”

With a lot of positive reviews and success stories also comes a few bad ones. One customer said the products contain more water in their topical products. As you can see, it’s different strokes for different folks.

The best way to know whether or not it works is to try it. You can get it from the HempWorx Official website here.

Based on the negative review from that customer, it’s possible that HempWorx offers are water-based, and as you’d expect, they surely would easily wipe off easily when applied to the skin.

Remember that no amount of CBD has the power to penetrate the skin, which means it’s totally okay to see this seemingly-negative comment.

On the good side, a woman named Caroline joined the company upon seeing a mom praising the product.

Interestingly, HempWorx CBD oil worked and allowed her and her 14-year old son to sleep well at night. That’s just one function of HempWorx 500mg CBD Oil.

Should You Buy HempWorx CBD?

Yes, you should if you want to sharpen your mind and brain performance. If you also want to relieve muscle pains, the rub is cool. Those are just some of the benefits we will discuss in this Hempworx review.

However, the choice is yours to make.

If you visit most online discussion boards, you’ll definitely find a lot of reviews about this product. Some are good while a handful isn’t so good.

But I encourage you to use it yourself, then make your own judgments. Remember that the human body reacts differently to different CBD oils; my own body reacted positively, how will your body react to it?

Again, HempWorx is one of the most trusted CBD companies of the year, as rated by our internal lab team here at Healthy Body Healthy Mind. A few more exciting facts:

HempWorx is one of the highest quality Hemp-derived CBD Oil in the market

Hemp is grown on American farms under a controlled climate

Goes through a series of third-party Lab testing for quality and purity

Offers a variety of potential health benefits

Take advantage of the HempWorx opportunity and make an extra income selling their top-converting products.

Lots of CBD Products to Pick From

Each product is affordable!

How Much Does HempWorx Cost?

You get exactly what you pay for. To some people, the pricing may not be fair, but it does vary for each product. If you’re ready to buy, remember that HempWorx offers set prices based on the products you want to buy.

As an example, one product will cost $69.00 + shipping, but 4 different products will cost $199.00 + shipping. That’s a huge saving!

People appreciate and demand HempWorx products because of how they’re formulated and based on the 100% natural ingredients and the company’s credibility.

All HempWorx’s products are legit, high-quality, easy to use, and affordable for everyone who desires to use a top-rated CBD product.

Still not sold? Check out some Free Samples!

Benefits of HempWorx Products

1. FDA Approved Facility

Yes, HempWorx is legit!

It’s gone through a lot of testing and monitoring by the American government. That’s why it’s FDA approved, and it’s amazing considering that most CBD products in the market are pure scams.

Hempworx is also respected as having a system in place that’s easy to follow and fit into by customers and affiliates. This is important since you’re mindful of a product that has been approved by the FDA and fits all ages.

The HempWorx product lines are excellently set up with regards to general testing — aside from being safe, it’s helped a lot of people achieve tremendous results already.

2. HempWorx is Easy to Use

If you’re able to use a HempWorx CBD product that works pretty well with your body and is properly absorbed, then you’ve found the right product. A lot of people spend money on products that are not legitimate, unsafe, and difficult to use.

The beauty of HempWorx is how much they recognize the place of customers, and designing CBD products that suit them.

Yes, these HempWorx products are one of the easiest to use, they’re simple to administer, and will not get in the way of your life.

3. A Variety of CBD Products to Choose From


Most companies have one or two CBD products to choose from, but not HempWorx. With a wide range of helpful products, you have the opportunity to choose exactly what you want with HempWorx.

Too many people are confused when it comes to CBD oil and other related products, they often find brands that are varied when it comes to potency.

By choosing a product from the HempWorx’s lineup, you’re getting your hands on FDA approved products that have proven to work well and are safe as soon as they’re absorbed in the body.

Since you’re buying all-natural supplements, you don’t have to worry about unexpected side effects that would ruin your day.

4. Proven Results Overtime

Why do you want to use HempWorx cbd oils in the first place?

You’re concerned about how safe and efficient it’ll work around the clock. That’s what most people expect and that’s exactly what Hempworx is known for.

Bear in mind that HempWorx products went through rigorous testing phases and continue to pass.

That’s why they’re ideal and an awesome investment of your money and resources. When you take the CBD product, you’ll definitely notice a difference in how you feel and how well your body adapts to it.

HempWorx Ingredients

There are basically 2 main ingredients used by HempWorx, which are:

100% Organic CBD Oil

No Preservatives or Additives

These core ingredients are present in every product to ensure everything is safe, consistent, pure, and efficient. Further research on this organic CBD oil should tell you that it’s not a risky solution to take.

How to Take HempWorx

It’s important to be consistent when taking any of the products in the HempWorx product line. The enormous advantages you’ll derive when you use the products daily will blow your mind.

This would mean administering a proper dosage and then observing how well your body responds to it. Get a Free Sample to Try Now!

What is the Right HempWorx Dosage to Take?

You can begin with a “twice a day” routine, which mainly comprises of 5 drops (each). Use the dropper to measure how many drops are used.

If you’re okay with HempWorx, you can safely ramp up to 6 drops (each). You have to decide what to do — but considering how safe it is, feel free to use it but the results will vary.

Often times, the ideal dosage will be in the 10-12 drops range, but it can increase to 20 drops in some cases.

The ideal way to take the HempWorx drops is to place it underneath the tongue as that is how it will digest properly and the body will absorb it better and quicker. Endeavor to count the drops and make sure you get the right amount.

This is the right way to maximize the potentials of the CBD oil and its impact on your body.

Each product has its instructions, make sure you follow the directions properly and then move forward with the product.

Where to Buy HempWorx

Buy from the makers!

You should always use the official website when buying this product as you’ll get a good deal and you can stay off scam websites.

The company has a mobile-friendly website if you’re more interested in buying their products from your Tablet, Smartphone, or any mobile phone.

Today is the best time to try HempWorx. Prices are always going up based on demand.

HempWorx has formulated a solution that’s FDA approved and also has all-natural ingredients needed to maximize your skin, mental, and brain health.

To get the right HempWorx product, visit the official HempWorx website.

HempWorx Scam and Compliants

Many of you may be wondering is this a scam? Our Hempworx reviews the good and the bad so let’s take a look. Are there a lot of Hempworx complaints? Here is what we have found from our research across the web to help you make an educated decision when buying your CBD. First and foremost Hempworx is not a scam. We have tested ordering several products and even joined the Hempworx opportunity to see first hand. Here are a few of our findings:


Fast Shipping

High Quality Products

Big Selection

Opportunity to Make Money with the Hempworx Products


Shipping Cost

Price of the Products

Although the pricing is not much difference than most of the products out there we felt the quality of the products made up for the higher price. Also the fact that you can make money off of the products as well really helped seal the deal. We hope you enjoyed this Hempworx review.

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