Guidelines On How To Use Cryptocurrency In Online Casinos

The World Wide Web is saturated with cryptocurrency information. The last year has witnessed every company introducing blockchain solutions and there are terms like token, cryptocurrency, ICO, etc. that overwhelm people. For years, gambling sites have been accepting cryptocurrency payment methods. 

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced in 2009. It is a virtual payment method for buying goods and services. However, it is a decentralized digital currency. Cryptocurrency transaction is recorded in a public digital ledger and stored on a network. The ledger cannot be illegally altered or hacked. Today, it is competing with traditional payment forms. 

There are many gambling sites using cryptocurrency as their payment mode. Gamblers choose this payment mode because it allows them to stay anonymous and enjoy their gambling activities. If you are one of them then visit to read reviews and compare features of popular gambling platforms. You can gamble with a plethora of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 

How to start using an online casino with a cryptocurrency payment method?

Get crypto wallet

Before you make a deposit there will be a need for obtaining crypto wallets. It is a central base from where you will manage every cryptocurrency transaction. A wallet is a program designed to hold your funds and crypto keys secure. The desktop-based and hardware wallets are more popular. Online wallets carry some risk but you can smartly keep them funded to a limited extent as they can be accessed even from your mobile from anywhere.

Fund the wallet

Each wallet program is different. Choose the one that offers the cryptocurrency you need to play on the chosen gambling platform. Use a debit card or credit card or wire transfer to fund the crypto wallet. The balance will reveal any purchase made at the market value of every coin. [Remember cryptocurrency values also fluctuate like dollars and euros]

Choose a gambling platform

As mentioned earlier do your research and choose a site. Every site will offer deposit bonuses to new players. Cryptocurrency payment method is encouraged, so many sites offer better bonus. Read reviews and find the best value for the deposit. 

How to deposit in your online casino account?

You must head towards the casino cashier to check available options. Every gambling platforms offer different cryptocurrencies, so you will have to narrow it down to a couple of common options. After choosing the currency, you will be offered the site operator’s wallet address. 

Enter these in your wallet and choose the amount you desire to fund the account with. Within seconds your gambling account will show the balance. You can convert the amount into USD or EUR depending on your chosen gambling platform. 

How to withdraw from the online casino account?

You will need to head toward the casino cashier to initiate the payout process. Enter the amount and cryptocurrency to be paid in. give the site your wallet address and confirm. The request activates and within seconds or a few hours your crypto wallet will show the balance. Depending on the chosen currency, you can make a withdrawal via bank. 

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so invest a minimum amount but the good news is that its value escalates even if there is a big dip!

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