Getting the Best Out of Your Luvme Hair Curly Wigs

Some of the things that curly wigs add to your hair are vibrant bounce, luxurious texture, and natural beauty. These are the reasons this wig has won the hearts of many wig enthusiasts. While you can change your look with this wig, you can also express yourself.

Are you a beginner or a wig enthusiast? You must combine proper care and good styling techniques to get the best out of your wig. This article will guide you through the essential steps to maximize the benefits that curly wigs offer.

Table of Content

  • How do you decide between curly wigs or straight wigs
  • Is it better for a curly wig to be short or long?
  • What types of bangs are good for curly wig
  • Conclusion

How to Decide Between Choosing Curly Wigs or Straight Wigs

Consider Your Face Shape
Your face shape is important in determining the type of wig you choose. The wig must be able to either enhance or balance your facial features. If you have an angular-faced shape, you use curly wigs to soften your facial features. Straight wigs will enhance certain face shapes, for example, an oval face. In addition, if you have a round face and want to add more volume, you should opt for curly wigs.

Style and Preference
Your preferences and personal style also determine the type of wig you choose. If you are looking for an expressive look, curly wigs are great since they evoke natural charm and vibrancy. However, straight wigs are versatile, offering a sleek, elegant, polished, and sophisticated look.

Daily Routine
Your schedule, daily routine, and lifestyle will also influence your choice. You must commit more time maintaining your curly wigs to preserve the curls and prevent tangles. On the other hand, straight wigs require lower maintenance, so if you don’t have much time for styling, opt for straight wigs.

Occasion and Versatility
Before choosing between curly and straight wigs, you must consider the occasions you will wear them. Curly wigs are more suitable for special events because of their flair and drama. On the other hand, straight wigs are ideal for both casual and formal events. So, if you want a versatile wig suitable for different occasions, you should opt for straight wigs.

Natural Hair
Consider the texture of your natural hair. Curly wigs are your best choice if you have curly hair since it is easier to blend both. However, consider choosing a straight wig for a harmonious look if you have natural straight hair.

Consult with Professionals
Lastly, if you are still trying to decide the type of wig you can choose, seek professional advice from hairstylists or wig specialists. From their experience with wigs, they can give you great recommendations.

Is It Better for Curly Wig to Be Short or Long?

Choosing a short or long curly wig depends on several factors. However, let’s start by comparing the benefits of both types of curly wigs.

Short Curly Wigs

Low Maintenance
Short wigs are generally easier to maintain, which also applies to short curly wigs. They have less tendency to tangle. Therefore, you don’t need to spend so much time detangling them.

Short wigs are lighter and more comfortable; therefore, they are suitable during warmer months. In addition, you can wear them all day without feeling discomfort.

Youthful and Playful
Short curly wigs are the best option for a fun, playful, and youthful vibe. In addition, they help create a bold statement.

Face Shape
Short curly wigs can work with different face shapes. They can balance heart-shaped faces, add volume to round faces, and offer a chic look for all face shapes.

Long Curly Wigs

Elegant and Romantic
Long curly wigs are the best option for an elegant and romantic look. They can also help evoke a sense of glamor and sophistication.

Dramatic Impact
For dramatic effect, long curly wigs are your best option. They allow you to make a dramatic impression and keep people looking at you with their flowing curls.

Face Framing
Long curly wigs will offer a face-framing effect and also highlight your features.

Styling Options
Since long curly wigs are more versatile, you can expect different styling options. So, you can create different looks as you desire.

What Types of Bangs Are Good for Curly Wig?

Curly wigs work well with bangs, so you have different options. You only need to ensure the bang will complement your curls’ texture and enhance your look. Below are some types of bangs that are suitable for curly wigs:

Side-Swept Bangs
This bang style is versatile, so you can style it as you desire. They will make you look elegant and soften your look. Curly wigs will blend perfectly with the bangs style, while the side-swept bangs will balance your features and frame your face.

Curly Bangs
These bangs are the best choice for curly wigs since they have the same texture. It is an ideal style to create a carefree and playful appearance. You only need to allow a small section of the wig curls to rest on your forehead.

Wispy Bangs
These bangs style is delicate with airy strands, offering a soft face-framing effect. Wispy bangs are perfect for the natural movement of your curly hair.

Curtain Bangs
These bangs are parted in the center while cascading down on both sides of your face. Curtain bangs will complement curly wigs with their curtain effect.

Layered Bangs
Layered bangs blend conveniently with your curly wigs while adding dimension and movement to your overall appearance.


Curly wigs are one of the best types of wigs you should have; however, you need to understand their styling techniques to maximize them. Should you choose a short or long curly wig? What types of bangs work better for curly wigs? Your answers to these questions will determine whether you will get the best out of your wig. 

This article has answered some of these questions, and these answers will help you understand curly wigs better. The flair, playful look, and natural charm of curly wigs have made them almost indispensable, so you don’t want to miss out on them.

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