Fun Preschooler Behavior Games to Play with your kids

Behavior games are activities you carry out with your child to teach them certain behaviors, or correct certain traits that develop as they grow. Most parents resort to scolding every time a child misbehaves but sometimes, a playful activity is all that is needed to curb misbehaviours. Here are a few activities that you can carry out with your child:

  1. Build-a-Train: This is played with a set of train pieces that are separated. With your supervision, the child will set the pieces on after the other to make a train. This activity teaches perseverance, problem solving and fosters creativity within the child. Also, after he/she is done building the train, there is a feeling of fulfillment it brings to the child.
  2. I Spy: This is helpful when dealing with restless kids. All you need are two or more players and several objects. Then say, ‘I spy with my little eye, something blue’ (or any color associated with the object you have in mind). Make sure you aren’t looking in the direction of the object. Let the child try to guess what object has that particular color. If you have a more advanced child, you can also ask for objects according to the first letter of the name of that object.
  3. ‘Mother, May I?’: This game is really helpful with handling kids that throw tantrums frequently and lose his/her temper easily. This game can be played with at least two kids. Put the kids in a line and make sure to leave some space around them. You can call out a name and give an instruction i.e. Samson, take one step forward, then the child takes permission asking ‘Mother, may I?’ then you would respond yes or no. 

If you say no and the child still moves, the child must go back to the starting line. Also, any child that steps out of turn would go back to the finish line. The first child to reach the finish line, wins the challenge and should be rewarded. This game teaches respect and the ability to listen to instructions.

  1. Protect the Castle: This game is centered on kids who are not very social. The game is better played in a class of at least four kids. Group them into two teams. Let each team build a castle. Ensure that every person in a group is active. Then each team tries to destroy the other team’s castle while trying to protect their own. This game teaches teamwork.
  2. Let’s get it Sorted: Parents often find it difficult to get kids to pack up their toys. This activity will help with teaching the child to be responsible. Make the child sort the toys into bags i.e. a bag for animal toys, another for action figures, etc. They can also count the toys for added fun. If you have more than one kid, you can set a timer so they can race against the time and see who will finish before the set time.

When a child is well behaved, it improves the social life of the kid and leaves your kids feeling happy, especially if rewarded afterwards.

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