From real to virtual: how the game world has transformed

The gaming world has gone through so many changes in the past. One of the things everyone can agree on is the fact that what the gaming world looks like nowadays is so different from what it looked like years ago. The main reason behind this is, the operating systems have changed. For us to appreciate the gaming world, we need to look at what has changed and how these changes have affected the entire gaming industry. Here is everything you need to know about the shift from real to virtual in the gaming world and what that means for current gamers.

History of gaming

These are the major milestones in the gaming world.

The invention of the first game

The first game that was invented was a mathematical game called Nim, where players would play against a computer, and it won over 90% of all games played. The game was invented in 1940 by Dr. Edward Uhler and went to show that computers could be used for more than just work. It opened up the doors to other inventions to be made in the name of gaming.

Creation of arcade games

From games that were against computers came arcade gaming, where players would meet at an arcade and play on the games that looked like casino slot machines. It is from this that you get slot machine gratis which borrowed a lead from these games.  Most of the games we play nowadays are still inspired by the arcade type of game, and these games will continue making waves as time goes by.

The start of home gaming

In the 1970s, more people were able to buy their own consoles and computers, and that is the era that gave rise to at-home gamers. Since in the beginning, these consoles were costly, they were bought by restaurants. People who could afford it also got them for their homes. The only issue with buying certain game consoles was, if the company did not make quality games, then there was a high chance the consoles would be discarded almost immediately. The games introduced on the computers made it easier.

The move to online gaming

In 1982, gamers were finally able to download the gaming software from the internet, thus starting the era of internet gaming. While back then, you could only play the game for free up to eight times. Currently, people get up to a one-month free trial. The notion of downloading games from online sites is more common and has been used to date.

With all this history, it is clear that the gaming world has gone through many changes. Most of the game’s graphics were improved to seem more realistic, but that was not enough even then.  Players wanted the entire thing to feel so real. One of the things that helped increase the element of realism was the introduction of virtual reality. Even though it was invented in 2014, it has taken the entire gaming world by storm. Here are some of the changes VR has had in the gaming world.

Better user engagement

One of the first things you realize with VR is there is improved engagement from the players. VR is to gaming what 7D is to the cinema. With VR, players get to feel like they are in the game itself. They can feel the movement of the other characters and the weight of their steps as they walk through the game. It is like being in an actual place with the characters in the game. The emotions run high, and the feeling of the game is increased. It is an experience that every gamer would like to get into.

There is more fun

One of the things gamers wish they could see in a game, especially a combative one, is beyond their shoulder. Virtual reality helps make that a thing. The games allow for a 360-degree view of an arena. With that, the fights intensify, and the players can feel like they are in the thick of it. When playing with other players in the game, the interaction is so real you would think it is face-to-face interaction. That kind of emotion was not there in the other types of games.

More players are joining the gaming scene

One of the things about playing in virtual reality is, the games are so real you want to come back. The entire event is addictive, and that is something many people do not get from other places in their lives. Being able to feel that is what has ensured that the virtual gaming industry can sustain itself and have higher retention of players than any other gaming avenue.

More games are being developed

Whatever happens in gaming, there need to be games to fit the occasion. For instance, the games that were the thing in the 1970s would be frowned upon in this present era. With virtual reality, the same thing happens. While there are some games that would still look good in a virtual reality setting, some of them need to go through new code writing before players can use them in these new settings. As such, it would make sense if the developers would sit down and come up with new gaming ideas for their new VR games. It is a challenge that most of them take graciously and have worked to ensure that everything goes accordion to the players’ expectations. More developers have come in to work on projects that will ensure that players feel like they are in the game in real-time.

Virtual reality is transforming how we lead our lives, and one of the industries that get to experience this first hand is the gaming industry. Knowing how far we have come helps us to appreciate the strides the gaming industry has made over the years. It also helps us to appreciate the past and look forward to a future that is full of great games and gaming experiences.

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