Folding Mobile Phone Prospect Analysis

The screen size of the straight smartphone is close to the limit, and the appearance of the folding screen phone can solve the contradiction between the screen size and the convenience and portability of one-handed operation. Moreover, the existing users of the folding screen mobile phone have a high degree of satisfaction, and they are most looking forward to the emergence of more innovative screen folding methods in the future hardware. Under this situation, in this blog, we will conduct an effective analysis of the prospect of folding mobile phones based on the existing situation.

Prospect Analysis and Outlook

Market Situation

Handheld size is approaching its limit, and folding screens have become a new direction for the development of the industry. The size of the mobile phone always evolves with technological progress, and when the size of the mobile phone reaches the limit of the size that can be held with one hand as the screen increases, it will be difficult to maintain the convenience and portability of one-hand operation while continuing to increase the screen. The survey found that the current mobile phone users in addition to power anxiety, the uniform mobile phone shape is also dissatisfied, while the mobile phone portability and screen size have certain requirements. The emergence of folding screen mobile phones brings innovative appearance and solves the contradiction between screen size and one-hand operation convenience and portability, different folding methods can meet the needs of people who value screen size or pay attention to portability, bringing more personalized choices for users, and promote folding screen mobile phones to become a new direction for the development of the industry

Development Background

The folding screen mobile phone has a high market value and is a high-end flagship product that is really located at the top of the spire. In addition to the collection of the most mature leading technology in the industry, the flagship models of various manufacturers have also integrated the cutting-edge thinking of the industry trend. Through the sale price of various brands in the sale of folding screen mobile phones, the price of folding screen mobile phones is far more than the average price of global smartphones several times, with a high market value. Driven by mobile phone manufacturers, the foldable screen mobile phone has experienced several years of iterative optimization, and the relevant technology is gradually maturing, and it will gradually become the new flagship model representative of various brand manufacturers in the future.

The Hinge

Mobile phone manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers work together to promote the rapid maturation of hinge design. The folding screen mobile phone needs to meet the functions of durability, dust, and water resistance on the basis of deformation, so the hinge has become the key to determining the completion of the design of the mobile phone. At the initial stage of folding screen mobile phones, most brand manufacturers choose to design their own hinges and hand them over to Korean or Taiwanese suppliers for processing, so as to achieve the differentiated competitive advantage of their own products. At present, the hinges used can maintain the seamless closure of the folding screen while reducing the bending Angle of the screen through special chute and shaft design, so as to reduce the bending traces. Increase the durability of the folding screen. In recent years, thanks to the joint promotion of hinge design schemes by mobile phone manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers, the number of hinge patent applications has grown rapidly, which is expected to help hinge design quickly mature and make foldable screen mobile phones achieve higher completion.

Development Status

Affected by the extension of the average replacement cycle of consumers, the shipments of smartphones of various brands have continued to decline since 2020, and the shipments of folding screen phones, as innovative models that integrate a variety of advanced technologies, have continued to expand in recent years, although they will be affected by subjective factors such as high prices, but with the maturity of technology, the cost performance will improve. The volume of HONOR Magic V2 deals uk is also increasing. It is expected that in the future, as foldable screen mobile phone shipments reach a certain scale, global smartphone shipments will slowly rebound.


The emergence of the folding mobile phone is an innovation of the mobile phone form that has been stable for decades in the past, and it is the implementation and prospect of our higher technology in the future, we look forward to entering a new era of higher technology. Therefore, the folding screen mobile phone is a signal toward the future, the market prospects are broad.

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