Exploring the Best Cities in Arkansas

Arkansas is an amazing state that often gets overlooked: but shouldn’t.  From the low cost of living to the countless ways to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll never run out of things to see and do while living here.

If you’re in the area and want to see the best of the state: these are the best cities to check out! 

Why Arkansas?

Arkansas isn’t just cheap to live in; it’s also cheap for traveling!  This means your buck can stretch further, and you can enjoy more takeout, more excursions, and even a longer vacation while staying here.  A big winning detail for many who live here is that the state enjoys the best of every season, from chilly and snowy winters to hot and sunny summers and everything in between.  Some portions of the state can get dry, but generally, it’s a gorgeous place to live.


The smallest city on this list, Bentonville, is a gorgeous town that’s modeled to look like it would have in the 1800s, with classic architecture and fantastic city design.  The birthplace of Walmart, Bentonville, is a surprisingly expensive place to live and vacation, but there are so many fun and interesting things to do around here that the cost is worth it!  If you have a few extra days, stop in and enjoy the Ozarks for a while!  


With just under 100,000 people, Fayetteville is a walkable and gorgeous community that has a large emphasis on its military background.  This means you can visit the Arkansas air and military museums and even stop in at the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park to see the site of a Civil War Battle and learn about the history of the area and of America as a whole.  

Little Rock

If you can pull yourself away from looking at how cheap Little Rock houses for sale are, the rest of the city is also incredible!  Best known for its long history in civil rights, Little Rock is a fantastic place for anyone wanting to find a little work and place balance.  This ensures that while you’re in town, you can get out and walk trails, even white water raft, but you can also check out amazing museums and the fantastic nightlife this city has to offer.  Little Rock is a gem in the crown of Arkansas. 

What to Pack for Traveling Here

If you’re going to Arkansas this summer, it’s a good idea to pack some items to help deal with the intense sun and dry heat that’s going on this year!  This means a good sunscreen, some fantastic sunglasses, and a big hat that will protect your scalp and face.  From here, you should also consider a sturdy pair of boots that you can walk trails in and some shorts and cooler clothing to help regulate your body temperature.  This is an awesome vacation destination: but it’s vital you keep cool!

Arkansas is a Cut Above the Rest

If you want to get away from the stress of your daily life, consider slipping away to Arkansas.  This state has a taste of everything for anyone. 

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