Explore the Beauty and Security of Poli Payment Method

Players may use their digital banking to pay for online casinos with POLi, “Pay Online.” If you don’t want to use your credit card to pay online, POLi is an excellent choice since it doesn’t need one. 

POLi, an online payment method that consumers and merchants alike utilize, was created by this business. New Zealand and Australia provide POLi payments as an option for making online purchases like those you made with

A user may use this payment method to make an online payment to a business organization using the online banking site more securely. This means that no highly confidential information or data will be shared with a transfer since there is no need for registration.

How does POLi Work?

If you go to the POLi website, you’ll see how easier it is to use the system. To assist new users in understanding how this system works, they’ve put up a comprehensive guide and demo. 

Your favorite online casino can accept payments with POLi. To begin, save the POLi Casino Payment application to your computer’s hard drive. A single step is required here. When you’re ready to put some funds or money into your casino account, pick POLi as your payment method. 

Next, pick your financial institution to log in to. The payment information is then automatically filled in by POLi. That concludes the process. Confirm the bank transfer. You’re set! Online casino players must still pay player costs for electronic financial transfers to their bank despite POLi Casino Payment being completely free. 

If you want to play POLi on your computer, you’ll need to meet specific system requirements. Make sure that you run at least Windows 7 or MACOS x if possible, to run the website. As a POLi client, you’ll get step-by-step instructions and guidance on upgrading your system to use the program. 

Is it Safe?

As long as you have a bank account, you may securely load your online casino account with POLi. You don’t have to hand up any of your financial information to anybody else. The online payment system never accesses customers’ Internet banking passwords and other personal information. Anyone having a savings account in either Australia or New Zealand will find it a perfect option.

Deposits made with POLi Payments 

For sending significant sums of money, this technique is highly advised. POLi Payments has been bought by SecurePay Holdings, an Australian Post subsidiary that owns 100 percent of the company. Before using this service, it is essential to find out which New Zealand casinos accept deposits with the Poli payment method. POLi deposits necessitate the following steps: 

  • Online sportsbooks that take NZD as a payment method can be found by searching for the appropriate link under the ‘Banking, Cashier, or Checkout’ tab. 
  • POLi can be selected as a payment method by clicking the Deposit option. 
  • You’ll need to provide a deposit amount. It will redirect pOLi’s official website after this step, where the financial institution name from which the money will be sent has to be selected. 
  • To continue, enter the user’s financial information by selecting the Proceed button. 
  • The transfer details must be rechecked, such as the date, the amount, and the payment reference number. 
  • A payment receipt is delivered to the user’s email address after clicking on the “Proceed” button.

POLi Payment Withdrawals 

POLi withdrawals are a little more complicated than POLi deposit transactions. You must register for a POLi account to cash out your casino winnings. Customers are encouraged to select the ‘Standard Pricing Plan when joining up.’ To begin withdrawing money from the casino, users must first register and link their bank accounts. 

POLi must be indicated as the preferable money withdrawal method. The bank account details must be entered for the money to be withdrawn. After the user enters the sum amount, they must click the “confirm” button to proceed with the payment. However, there is a transaction fee of $0.30 and 0.90 percent of the money withdrawn. 

Are POLi Payments Secure? 

POLi payments are perfectly secure and safe. This approach can make transfers from a casino account to a user’s bank account and vice versa. It has been operational for over a decade, and it has checked off the safety boxes of reliability and efficiency. 

POLi’s Customer Service 

This company has a top-notch 24-7 customer service department. Telephone, email, and live chat are ways to get in touch with the agents. It is now a common payment method throughout the years because of the competence with which all issues are handled.


POLi payments are a safe financial option for online casino gaming. Depositing money is simple, and there are no hidden fees involved. Users can cancel money transfers while they’re still being processed and get their money back within 2-4 business days, depending on the user’s banking institution. As a result, its ease and security make it worth a try.

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