Everything you need to know about an MSc in Mental Health Nursing

Have you just finished your BSc in Nursing? Did you know that the best alternative for you to progress further is to do MSc Nursing? While there are vibrant offerings from MSc in nursing, opting for a single specialisation can be daunting. Cheran College of Nursing offers the course in 5 specialisations- Child health nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Community health nursing, Mental health nursing and Maternal health nursing. 

Through this blog, we want to help you in developing a holistic understanding of what you stand to gain in MSc mental health nursing. So without further ado, let’s delve into the insights. 

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About MSc in Nursing
Course highlights 
MSc mental health nursing
Course framework 
Skills to develop
Career opportunities
Top colleges offering MSc mental health nursing

About MSc in Nursing (Mental Health)

Cheran College of Nursing is one of the best Msc nursing colleges in Tamilnadu. It is affiliated with The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University. Let’s look at the course specifications. 

Course highlights

Private nursing colleges in Tamilnadu have the following features-

Course type Post-graduation
Duration 2-year
Mode of Exam Semester based
Average Fees INR 90,000 to 1,30,000 PA


  • You should have completed BSc Nursing or Post-Basic BSc Nursing.
  • Secure at least an aggregate of 50% marks at your undergraduate level.

MSc Mental health nursing

Mental health concerns are becoming increasingly prevalent, and the requirement for highly skilled mental health professionals has been of importance. To make you job ready, the curriculum is regulated by the Indian Nursing Council.  Click here for information about alcohol rehab in massachusetts

Course framework

Let’s look at what your 2-year tenure with a nursing college would make you proficient in- 

Psychiatric Nursing Psychopathology Therapeutic Interventions
Mental health promotion Healthcare ethics Research methods

Major skills to develop

Pursuing a degree like MSC Mental Health Nursing stands out as a noble and rewarding career choice. The degree equips you with the following skills-

  • Providing Holistic Care– You develop an understanding of the nuances of psychiatric disorders, develop effective therapeutic strategies and help patients recover. 
  • Advancing Research and Innovation– Pursuing an MSC in Mental Health Nursing enables you to explore new treatment methodologies, technology-based interventions, and evidence-based practices.
  • Collaborating with a Multi-disciplinary Team– You are often required to collaborate with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals for providing intensive treatment to patients. 
  • Advocating for Mental Health Awareness– During your professional career, you advocate the destigmatization of mental health. You raise awareness regarding clinical help for better mental well-being. 
  • Shaping public policy- As you understand the complexity of mental health well-being, you become a champion in enabling governments to formulate policies by sending recommendations. 

Career opportunities: 

Let us now explore the diverse and rewarding career pathways available to graduates after completing their MSC Mental Health nursing.

Practice in a hospital/ clinic- As you practice in a healthcare facility following job profiles are the top ones you can get-  


Job roles Salary
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner INR 4 to 6.5 LPA
Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist  INR 2.5 to 10 LPA
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist INR 2 to 10 LPA
Mental Health Educator INR 3 to 8 LPA
Mental Health Researcher INR 3.5 to 7 LPA
Forensic Psychiatric Nurse INr 2.5 to 5 LPA


  1. Clinical Psychologist and Junior Occupational Therapist are some of the roles that you can work on if you are a fresh graduate. 
  2. Research: Armed with a post-graduation in mental health, you can pursue research in institutes of national importance like the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, NIMHANS, etc. 
  3. Academics/ Lecturer: With an MSc in Nursing, you can pursue teaching in a nursing college. You shall be required to enable students to perform clinical work, hospital visits and other curriculum-centric activities. 

Top colleges offering MSc Mental health nursing

As you plan to pursue MSc nursing with mental health as your specialisation, there are a few considerations you should adhere-

  • Accreditation and Recognition– The ranking of the college as per national accrediting bodies can enable you to understand the overview of a college in different aspects like course delivery, faculty-student ratio, research work, etc. 
  • Course framework- The curriculum needs to be designed as per the industry standards. At Cheran College of Nursing, you would be involved in laboratory and clinical work, wherein you learn the practical aspects of nursing.
  • Infrastructure- Clinical Training Facilities, hospitals, well-equipped lecture halls, computer labs, placement cells and living accommodations are major requirements to look for while pursuing MSc nursing in Tamil Nadu. 
  • Placements- Average salary for an MSc Nursing graduate is 4.5 LPA. Major recruiters in Cheran College of Nursing include hospitals like- Apollo, Medwin, MAK, etc. Other prominent recruiters include Dr Reddy’s, Xpheno, Sun Pharma, etc. 
  • Financial Aid/ Scholarships– College fees vary among applicants. At Cheran College of Nursing, it ranges from INR 90,000 to 1,30,000 LPA. Depending on your experience, economic background, etc you can get financial aid. Do consult the admission department regarding this. 


MSC in Mental Health Nursing is a stepping stone to a rewarding and purposeful career. It allows you to contribute positively to society while fulfilling your passion for promoting mental health and well-being. You shall be working with individuals across the lifespan, including children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens.  Embrace this opportunity to pursue your degrees from private nursing colleges in Coimbatore and create a lasting impact on others.


1. What is the scope of an MSc in mental health nursing?

After MSc in mental health nursing, you get the following opportunities-

  • Practice as a mental health worker in a hospital/ clinic. 
  • Pursue govt. Jobs like Military Nursing Services
  • Academic research
  • Lecturer in nursing colleges. 

2. Can I open my own clinic after an MSc in Nursing?

You need to work under a qualified doctor, if you wish to practice in a clinic. Also, you can collaborate with a certified physician to open a clinic of your own. 

3. Which specialization is best in MSc Nursing?

MSc in Medical surgical nursing is most sought after by MSc applicants due to its wider job prospect. However, given the scope that mental health is generating due to increased recognition, it can be highly rewarding in the near future, due to a fewer availability of qualified physicians. 

4. Can an MSc nurse become a doctor?

No, as a doctor requires an MBBS degree and both MSc Nursing and MBBS/MD are different degrees recognised by different regulatory bodies.

5. Which degree is best after MSc Nursing?

You can pursue PhD after MSc/ MPhil and can secure an opportunity to work as a professor in a nursing educational institute. With PhD, you can also research in relevant fields. 

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