Equipment That All Sporty Women Must Have At Home-Gym

Participation of women in sports has strengthened women’s empowerment more than ever. The world’s viewpoint, the dominance of male society, has been reduced to a considerable quantity. This ever-increasing percentage is working to counter this biased society. The participation of women has intensified the involvement of women in society and accelerates the advancement of gender equality. Leadership qualities are built up in women, and they can enhance their physical condition. History and 먹튀검증 says it had been made in the Olympics in 2016, where women from 29 countries won more gold medals than men. However, when it comes to gears and clothing, women need them designed and manufactured differently than men. For example, women need chest straps differently made so that they do not cut into their skin. The specialized clothing industry and participation of women in sports have been increasing parallelly at a rapid speed.

Why do women need different equipment:

Special equipment doesn’t necessarily imply that women are feeble. Instead, it renders it convenient for women to participate in sports without accident because inconvenient attire may lead a player to a significant accident. For instance, a woman’s breast is a particular part that is to have proper coverage when she is running or striking a ball, which is essential both for avoiding embarrassment and accidents. The reason is that muscles and ligaments holding it cannot fully support a female athlete when conducting an athletic action which is why customized equipment is necessary to help the athlete. A bit of an injury happened due to this negligence towards this matter to a female tennis player.

Some of the specialized gear for women athletes:

Cyclist Hannah had to undergo surgery due to improper bike saddles that did not fit her groin, an area of the hip that led her to injury. In most cases, women don’t get the required gears for them as participation of women in sports is delayed compared to that of men. Loads that are to be specially made for women athletes include:


Wearing men’s boots during sports can severely harm females’ lower limbs and major feet injuries. Twirling ankles while playing soccer can rupture your ligaments, and it has been seen that women are ten times more vulnerable to these injuries more than men. Nike and Asics have been designing specialized spikes for women. Females have a narrower heel cup and wider forefoot. So typically, wearing men’s shoes will compress women’s feet that might be uncomfortable and dangerous. Different sizes of boots are being made for analyzing the measurements of women’s feet.

Bike Saddle:

Women’s bike saddles are to be uniquely designed. The main point is to support the prime pressure point of the sit bones as it is more comprehensive than males and distributing the pressure to a broader area but relieving it from the soft tissue of external genitals. In a plain sense, the cycle’s seat is wide as women have wider hips than men. The position of the saddles also should be maintained; that is, it should not be too high or low. The most effective way to avoid ground pain is to widen the saddles for both men and women.

Abdomen Guard:

While batting, wicket-keeping, and fielding, female cricketers usually wear an abdomen guard along with men. Still, theirs need particular comfort and protection as female skin is delicate than men one’s. While catching a ball or batting, the ball may hit any part of the body, and extra-protection boxes are used for females. Along with an abdomen guard, a chest guard is also used to support their breasts during any strong movement. One must keep in mind the delicacy of women’s skin, and further measures are also taken. The cricket pitch and the ball are held more diminutive, and the ball is lighter than males.

It’s not only that these injuries caused due to indifferent gears only cause physical damage. Instead, athletes also go to trauma and need a long time to move on from that. Many brilliant careers of some female athletes have been tarnished due to their acute mental pain. Since people now understand the possibility of women athletes, gear designers have put much more concern now. Hopefully, female sports equipment will be readily available at an affordable price in the future.

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