End Your Search For The Best Inverter With Battery Price With The Help Of This Guide

Peak summertime is here in India, and it’s going to be extremely hot and sunny in no time. As the number of power outages during the summer months increases in India, the need for a competent power backup system for your home becomes essential than ever. You can enjoy a hassle-free summer with a good power backup system like an inverter with battery.

The operations of inverters and batteries go hand in hand. To produce and regenerate power in appliances during power outages, inverters use direct current (DC) stored in the battery and convert it into alternating current (AC), which you use for your appliances. In today’s day and age, inverter and battery models have a wide range of new and exciting features, which also has a huge effect on the inverter with battery price.

Inverter with battery price is an important factor to consider when buying a new power backup system for your home. The inverter with battery price depends on many things like the type of inverter and battery, price inclusions, brand, warranty period, etc. 

Today, we bring you this guide to help you understand all the points that add up to make the inverter with battery price. So, to find the best inverter with battery price for your budget, make sure to read on. 

Factors That Affect Inverter With Battery Prices In India

  • Battery Type

The type of battery affects the inverter with battery price significantly. There are a variety of battery kinds that are tailored for different purposes available in the market. Battery types include tubular and gel batteries, which are slightly higher in price and flat plate batteries which are extremely affordable. 

  • Inverter Type

The type of inverter type is essential in deciding the best inverter with battery price for you. There are two types of inverters- Sinewave Inverters, which are slightly more expensive, and square wave Inverters, which are less expensive. Sometimes, the inverter with battery price may differ on the basis of the Ah (ampere-hour) rating of the inverter. 

  • Brand 

The brand of the product is significant in getting the best inverter with battery price for your budget. The rate is greatly influenced by branding and presentation as much as their features, after-sales services, and customer care services. 

Local and fraudulent sellers may offer things at very low prices that turn out to be defective and misleading. You should always purchase from a reputable brand to avoid such scenarios, even if the inverter with battery price is slightly higher. 

  • Warranty

Whenever possible, look for an inverter that comes with an extended warranty duration. Any damages or defects in the product can be fixed for no charge within the warranty term. As an added benefit, several manufacturers provide extended warranties for a slightly higher inverter with battery price. Various warranty options are available to customers, such as flat warranty and pro-rata warranty.

  • After-Sale Services

An important part of analysing the inverter with battery price is understanding all the inclusions apart from the cost of the product. These details are crucial, as the price ranges by different sellers can vary widely. In addition, companies offer several types of services, such as after-sale services like installation, transportation, customer care services, and more. Therefore, you should always ask the seller for a complete list of all of these services and inclusions in the price and tax information.

By understanding these 5 simple steps, you can easily understand and decide the best inverter with battery price for your new power backup system that is within your budget and can fulfil your home’s power needs. Trusted and renowned brands like Luminous offer a huge variety of reliable inverter and battery combinations at competitive prices and great deals which will suit your home perfectly. 

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