Elevate Your Everyday Style with Trendy Rings

When we dress up to step out of the house without any jewellery, we all feel like something’s missing, right? But selecting jewellery to put on can seem like a task in itself as well. So, in order to ensure that you always step out of the front door in a well-put-together outfit, you must get some everyday jewellery that is easy to style.

One of the best pieces of jewellery you can get are trendy rings as they are versatile are super easy to style. You can get a wide variety of trendy rings at many jewellery stores like Mia by Tanishq which has a wide range of trendy rings of different designs that you would love.

Here are some trendy rings you can find at Mia by Tanishq.

Butterfly Pattern

You must have faith in the potential of new beginnings when it comes time to begin something new. As you are ready to begin your first day at a new job, put on this stunning silver ring for women. This shining silver ring is etched to resemble a butterfly in flight. Pair it with your formals as you are ready to start yet another chapter in your life.  The multi-colour design is truly mesmerising

Yellow Gold Design

It almost feels necessary to have a yellow gold ring in your collection. It matches astonishingly well with any Indian costume and goes with practically everything. Everyone who sees it will be drawn to the intricate open work on this semi-orb ring.

You can never go wrong when styling this ring because of its sturdy rim and lovely floral design pattern. This straightforward yellow-gold ring is elevated by an etched square patch at the shank that gives it a somewhat asymmetrical appearance.

Modern-day Rose Gold

This ring shouts the minimalist modern look. This understated yet eye-catching rose gold ring is easy to wear and subdued enough to not overshadow your appearance. The open-ended band in the design breaks in the middle, giving it a more contemporary appearance.

The rose gold hue gives the rings a subtle, yet bold and distinctive look. The ring’s colour accentuates its aesthetic appeal and is ideal for today’s youthful, vivacious women. This ring looks terrific at the office and is ideal for everyday wear.

Pink Statement

Women’s rose gold rings don’t necessarily have to be plain in appearance. Mia by Tanishq sells one-of-a-kind rings that would shine in any space you entered. This ring is the ideal accessory for your upcoming cocktail party because of its gorgeous appearance.

The eye-catching design is further highlighted by the ombre-look round-cut and brilliant pink baguette stones. Wear a stunning black dress, skimpy stilettos, and this mesmerising ring to make people look twice and turn to face you.

You don’t need to worry about what to wear with this ring because of how elaborate it is because even a plain outfit would be elevated once you put it on. on this ring. You can choose the traditional outfit of blue jeans, a white tee, and mules for a weekend brunch date. Simply add this ring to your ensemble to instantly transform it from plain to trendy.

Find the Trendiest Rings Online

One of the best places to shop for trendy rings is Mia by Tanishq. Here you can find a wide collection of trendy rings that would fulfil all your jewellery needs. Whether you are looking for minimal style gold jewellery or elaborately designed trendy rings, you can find everything here.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Mia by Tanishq and get the rings to fulfil all your needs.

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