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Dubai Sports City: A Guide to Buy or Rent a Property

There is no doubt about it that you will love Dubai Sports City irrespective of the fact that you are into sports or not. It is because the city is not specifically designed for sports enthusiasts, it has many privileges and amenities at affordable prices for everybody.

Investors are interested in Dubai Sports City for various reasons including the magnificent cricket stadium. The city provides many opportunities for investors as they can invest in apartments, villas or they can rent properties. The city makes sure to provide you with all the resources and services you need to have an enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle.

Sales Trends in Dubai Sports City:

If you want to invest in Sports city then you have the option of buying a studio or an apartment in Dubai Sports City. You need AED 334K and AED 486K to purchase a studio and a one-bedroom apartment respectively. If you want to make a big investment then you can buy a two bedroom apartment but that would cost you around AED 750K.

The best thing about Dubai Sports City is that you can have these properties near Olympic Park as well as Global Golf Residence which will enable you to enjoy spectacular views from the windows of your apartment or studio.

If you are interested in buying a three-bedroom apartment then it will cost you almost AED 974K. You can also make investments by buying villas and townhouses, these areas will come with bigger privileges like outdoor areas, terraces, parking spaces, etc.

A three or four bedroom unit would suit you if you prefer living in close communities. Such townhouses will cost you around AED 1.8M and 2.2M, based on the number of rooms.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy a 5-bedroom villa or a 6-bedroom villa then you must have AED 3.9M to buy the former and 8.45M to buy the latter.

And Dubai Sports City Townhouse for sale will cost you around AED 2.9M to AED 3.6M depending on the number of beds, location and amenities.

Rental Trends in Dubai Sports City

The rents of property depend upon the building in which you are planning to rent a studio or an apartment. For example, Cricket Tower is one of the top renting buildings, and renting a studio there would cost you around AED 24K a year. Besides studios, the 15 floors of Cricket Tower have 140 residential apartments. Many young people prefer these apartments.

Considering the location, view, and building, prior renting a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Sports City can prove to be a very budget-friendly scheme that can help you make a good profit. On average, a one bedroom apartment in Sports City can cost you around AED 26K to AED 55K per annum. The rents fluctuate depending upon the factors mentioned above like location and view.

The more the space, the higher would be the rent. You need AED 51K for a 2-bedroom apartment and AED 70K for a 3-bedroom apartment. Similarly, a 3-bedroom villa and a 4-bedroom villa will cost you AED 110K and AED 137K respectively. In the same way, the rent increases for a 6-bedroom apartment because it covers more area. In Dubai Sports City, a 6-bedroom apartment can cost you around 326K.

The Best Communities in Dubai Sports City

You need to pay attention to the community that you are choosing because you cannot enjoy it even in the Dubai Sports Complex if you are in the wrong community. Some of the best communities in Dubai Sports City are listed below

  1. Elite Sports Residence is the most famous community in the city comprising 3000 apartments in 10 buildings. The building has studios, and one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. The best feature of these apartments is the view of spectacular golf courses. As you know that the location and views increase the prices of apartments but still the property in this community is very reasonable, for example, you can have a studio in this building for AED 18K.
  2. Victory Heights is a famous community because of its educational institutions. Besides many other factors that make this community family-friendly, access to quality education tops the list.  The community has more than 1000 villas.
  3. Royal Residence is best for renting out studios, and one or two-bedrooms apartments. These apartments also face golf courses, enabling you to enjoy beautiful views.

Hotels in Dubai Sports City

Located at just 5 minute drive from DWC Airport, Ghaya Grand Hotel is a fine hotel in Dubai Sports City. This five-star hotel has luxurious guest rooms, and apartments.

Treppan Hotel and Suites by Fakhruddin is a four-star hotel that provides you with unique services and amenities. This hotel is more budget-friendly than Ghaya Grand Hotel.

Schools in Dubai Sports City

If any residential area does not provide you with the best options for quality education then that place is not worth living in. You will never face this problem in Dubai Sports City because some of the finest educational institutions in the country are situated in this area. Besides good schools like Victory Heights Primary School, the city also provides you access to famous universities like the University of Balamand.

Healthcare Facilities in Dubai Sports City

Although the city does not have a large number of clinics or hospitals, the limited number of clinics and hospitals of the city provide you with the best medical facilities. Besides the medical center, the city also has many pharmacies.

Supermarkets in Dubai Sports City

The city has only two big markets; Carrefour and Al Maya Supermarket but these markets have everything you need and you will never be disappointed.

Things to Consider before moving to Dubai Sports City

As the city is under construction, you might be hearing noises that will disturb you. Moreover, due to the unavailability of the metro, you need to own a car.

Hence, Dubai Sports City has few cons but investing in the city has more pros. You can never find a perfect place but Dubai Sports City promises to give you the luxurious, enjoyable, and dreamy lifestyle that you desire for your family.

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