Do Online Gambling Sites Target Only Men?

There’s a stereotype that casinos favor male gamblers. The idea is that men are more likely to participate in high-risk activities than women, who tend to be more conservative. This is why casinos tend to target men. Online gambling is different and has broken down many barriers, but how much has it broken down gender barriers? Are men still being targeted exclusively, or are women included too?

How is online gambling different from gambling in a casino?

Online gambling is different from walking into a casino and sitting down at a table. It is easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and internet access. The easy accessibility has attracted more women to play than before. 

When playing gambling games at online casinos, female gamblers tend to play slot machines and bingo. Men also play slot machines, but just as many like playing table games. 

What do the statistics show?

A recent study shows that males have a significantly higher probability of engaging in gambling and also tend to gamble larger amounts than women. Problem gamblers are also more likely to be males, according to other studies. On average, 60% of online gamblers tend to be male, while 40% are female. 

There may still be more male online gamblers, but the gap appears to be slowly closing. Women tend to gamble over a longer period of time than men, but men are more likely to continue gambling as they grow older. With statistics pointing to men as the most important target demographic, it’s no wonder that casino sites target them. 

Changing age trends

During the 2000s, the average male casino player was about 40 years old or older. Younger players tended to prefer games of skill over gambling. The iGaming industry began to look at ways to attract younger players. Today the standard male online player is about 35 years old. 

One of the best online betting tips that appeal to younger players is to use mobile devices to place bets. Doing so allows them to gain access to some useful features. For example, if they want to wager on a particular sport, they can receive betting notifications. They will also know when they receive a bonus. 

The impact of live dealers

Players are now able to play games with live dealers thanks to live streaming technology. These live dealers are often female and attractive. An attractive, live female dealer will inevitably bring more men to the table for a live poker game. Human interaction, especially when it’s with the opposite sex, can be a distraction when gambling. Any distraction works in favor of the dealer and, therefore, the casino. 

More online sites are using new technology and psychology to make playing with a live dealer fairly similar to playing in a land-based casino. It makes business sense for them to use ego and sex to manipulate men as their largest target audience. 

Participation in eSports 

Looking at betting trends in 2023, we see a rise in the popularity of eSports. Game manufacturers keep presenting interesting themes, quests, and characters that reach more audiences. According to reports, women accounted for 48% of gamers in the U.S. in 2022. As the gap closes between men and women gamblers and gamers, advertising tactics will have to change too. 

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