Crypto mining in India

Crypto markets have emerged as a great place for risk takers. People who wish to earn massive returns and don’t bother much about risk love to invest here. The returns offered in crypto markets are many times more than any other investment. For instance, an individual who invested in bitcoin in the growing stages would have made a 700% return out of it! Earning such high returns isn’t possible in any other kind of investment. It is so because all other markets, whether it is gold or share, have reached a point of stability. These markets are under regulations hence stable. But, crypto markets are not under control and are thus volatile. This volatility gives high returns but at the same time come with a lot of risks. Such an element of risk pulls back many investors from investing in crypto.

But why are these markets so volatile? The answer to this is because these are autonomous and decentralized. That means their mining and block chain isn’t watched upon by any institute or government. Indeed, cryptocurrency mining is a complex procedure. Anyone who has the required infrastructure and good knowledge of cryptocurrency. Mining these digital assets is beneficial to both the individual as well on the country. Recently siblings in India made 30,000 dollars by cryptocurrency mining!

The mining of these digital assets is still a controversial topic in India. It is so because there are no specific laid down rules for the same. some people consider these assets as illegal, whereas some support their growth. China comprises 70% of the world’s cryptocurrency mining! Ban on cryptocurrency in china can be an opportunity for India. We are in the growing stage of the adoption of cryptocurrency as compared to other countries. But crypto mining in India can be a risky business as India has no specified rules for it. institutes that have the potential of mining cryptocurrency fear clampdown.

Crypto mining can be a great asset to India. But before we start to mine these assets, we need to get on one side of the coin. We must make necessary laws for its mining and develop the required infrastructure.

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