Comprehensive guide to prepare for MP Judiciary Mock Test and UP Judiciary Mock Test

Undoubtedly, the MP Judiciary Mock test and the UP judiciary mock test are two of the most important tests. In this context, the below abstracts provide useful tips for those interested in doing well in these exams.

Preparing for MP Judiciary Mock Test

First of all, one needs to have a thorough idea about the syllabus and prepare study plans accordingly. There must be a thorough schedule plan for completing the study prior to the exam date. Primarily, make sure that there is enough time for revision. Most importantly, one needs to emphasize language studies the most. This is crucial in order to sharpen essay writing.

Preparing for general knowledge and current affair

Indeed, general knowledge is crucial for those preparing for MP Judiciary Mock Test. In this context, it is a good idea to read the newspapers daily. Interestingly, reading newspapers can help aspirants regarding their preparation for current affairs as well.

Type of questions to expect for MP Judiciary mock test

In general, candidates enquire about the personality tests. However, no need is to worry about the questions as these mostly come from the syllabus for the MP judiciary. In short, a candidate can easily remain familiar with the questions upon preparing well. But, they sometimes ask questions on dialect also. At the same time, one must remain ready for basic questions like background, academic, etc. Moreover, they ask to test the smartness of the candidate.

In order to appear MP Judiciary mock test, a candidate is essential to be of at least 21 years. The maximum age limit here is 35 years. However, there is 3 years relaxation for SC/ST candidates. Most importantly, one must possess an LLB degree.

Preparing for the UP Judiciary mock tests

Coming to the UP Judiciary mock test, thorough knowledge of the syllabus is quite essential. Most importantly, one needs to have an idea about the pattern of the exam. In general, questions do come from 22 Bare Acts. Hence, one must have a couple of hours for these studies. Above all, it is important to solve the weekly sample question papers to become familiar with the difficulty level. Specifically, one must pay higher emphasis on studies of Indian History. At the same time, one can expect questions from Indian culture, geography, politics, and current affairs as well. Noteworthy here is that current affairs here include both of national and international level.

Important topics to cover for UP Judiciary mock test

The most important topic one must cover is about Civil Procedure Code. Next, studies on the Indian Penal Code are equally important. At the same time, one must prepare well for Hindu Law and Constitutional Law. A lot of questions appear from the Law of Contracts as well. Similarly, one can expect questions from Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reform Act 1951. One must prepare well for the U.P. Consolidation of Holding Act as well. Apart from these, UP Judiciary mock test questions do come from general knowledge. Interviewers can ask questions on the candidate’s background as well.


All in all, one can certainly do well in MP Judiciary mock test and UP judiciary mock tests upon taking the above aspects to account. Irrespective of the two, keeping a thorough eye on Indian history and culture along with current affairs is crucial.

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