Career Advantages of Choosing a Profession in Nursing

In the healthcare sector, nursing is one of the most reputable and in-demand professions, offering a wide range of career options. According to reports, India currently has nearly 1.96 nurses for every 1,000 people. Also, whether you are just thinking about a career in nursing or are a nurse who wants to advance your professional goals, it is important to understand the many benefits and opportunities this field can offer.

As a result, we have included some of the top advantages of being a nurse in this blog as well as some of the different nursing academic courses that are offered by one of the best nursing colleges in Mumbai

Table of Contents: 

  1. Know the multiple Nursing Academic Courses
  2. Sole responsibilities of a Nurse
  3. What are the Benefits of Choosing a Nursing Career?
  4. Final Thoughts
  5. FAQs

Know the multiple Nursing Academic Courses

Do you have trouble deciding which nursing programme to enrol in among the many available levels and formats? If so, we have listed the leading nursing programmes of both UG & PG levels that are available at the Terna Nursing College, one of the most reputable nursing colleges in Navi Mumbai

Course Name  Course Duration  Minimum Academic Prerequisites 
BSc. Nursing  4 years 
  • Must complete your 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • Score at least 45% in your 12th standard. But, the reserved-category candidates with a minimum of 40% are eligible to apply. 
MSc. Nursing  2 years 
  • Must complete a BSc (Nursing)/ BSc Hons. (Nursing)/ Post Basic BSc. Nursing from an institution, which is recognised by the Indian Nursing Council.
  • Get at least 55% in your Bachelor’s Degree. However, reserved category candidates with a minimum aggregate of 50% can also apply. 

Sole responsibilities of a Nurse

Some of the typical duties of a nurse, which the best nursing colleges in Mumbai prepare you for, include:

  • Recording medical history and symptoms.
  • Collaborating with teams for patient care.
  • Administering medications and treatments.
  • Conducting physical examinations.
  • Performing diagnostic tests. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Nursing Career?

There are many advantages to selecting a profession in nursing, and graduating from the best nursing colleges in Mumbai can be a gratifying decision. So, if you are thinking about going into nursing, here are some of the top benefits you could be able to get from the job:

  • Helping others achieve wellness

The fulfilling nature of providing care for others and assisting them in achieving health and wellness is one of the most important benefits of becoming a nurse. Moreover, nurses work with the stated goal of delivering compassionate, encompassing care and saving lives in the process, which forms the core of this profession. 

  • Opportunity to travel and explore 

Nursing gives you the ability to find work no matter where you are, unlike many other professions that require you to live in a specific city. You can either live in a city and work in a super specialised hospital or can live in a rural location and work at health centres. Additionally, studying at the nursing institutes in Mumbai could enable you to live wherever you like and pursue a lucrative nursing job. 

  • Gets you a well-paying job

Nursing is a steady and well-paying profession, and nurses can receive incentives and overtime pay based on their productivity. All such factors make it a lucrative career route to select. However, the pay scale differs according to the nurse’s job position and their level of expertise.

  • A demanding profession

Any medical facility, including a hospital, emergency department, or clinic, must have a nursing staff. As a result, obtaining a decent education from one of the top-rated private nursing colleges in Mumbai can aid you to find employment options with a competitive salary. Its high demand also gives you a greater chance of working in the field or industry that you find most comfortable. 

  • Unique Career options

You can complete your studies and get your registered nurse licence, and never work in a hospital if you are willing to. This is because numerous other career options can pay you well and offer the same flexibility as this one. And, some of the career alternatives for nursing degree holders include the job of a Writer, Researcher, Teacher, etc.

  • Chance to upskill yourself

One profession where you may improve your skills as you strive to earn a higher income and find better employment possibilities is nursing. Instead of pursuing a traditional degree, you can accomplish this by earning a diploma in nursing administration, which could aid in improving the nurses’ administrative knowledge and worthwhile skills for your career. 

  • Job Security

The demand for caring and skillful nurses is expanding quickly as a result of ageing populations and advances in medical technology. Additionally, the demanding work prospects in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities also ensure your access to fantastic work opportunities throughout your career.

  • Global Opportunities

Beyond national boundaries, there is a huge demand for qualified nurses. As a result, the BSc nursing colleges in Navi Mumbai provide students with an opportunity to work abroad, either temporarily or permanently. Moreover, to fill their nursing positions, many healthcare organisations around the world actively looking for experienced, and well-trained nurses. Overall, this global need not only gives nurses the chance to experience other cultures and gain international experience, but it also offers them special opportunities for professional advancement.

Final Thoughts 

Numerous benefits come with choosing a nursing career, and the best nursing colleges in Mumbai enable you to lead towards a fulfilling and rewarding professional adventure by providing advancement opportunities, competitive incomes, and the capacity to truly make a difference. Furthermore, this industry offers limitless opportunities for both personal and professional improvement, whether you are beginning your nursing education or thinking about changing your career route.


1. What is the goal of nursing?

Nursing includes providing independent and team-based care to people of all ages, families, groups, and communities, whether they are ill or not and regardless of the location. Additionally, it involves the promotion of health, prevention of illness, etc.

2. Is work experience necessary to enrol in an MSc at Terna Nursing College?

Yes, as one of the best nursing colleges in Mumbai, it demands applicants to have at least 1-year of work experience besides being a registered nurse and midwife from any State Registration Nursing Council. 

3. What skills equipped from the best colleges in Mumbai make you a good nurse?

Acquiring skills like good communication, confidence and empathy, teamwork, professionalism, critical thinking, and problem-solving among others from the best nursing colleges in Mumbai can help you build a successful and rewarding career. 

4. Do nurses face any challenges?

Yes, long shifts, changing schedules, emotional involvement, and exposure to illness and chemicals are among the common hurdles frequently faced by nurses. 

5. What are the popular job positions for BSc Nursing graduates?

After graduating from the best nursing colleges in Mumbai, you can apply for jobs as a staff nurse, nurse educator, medical representative, etc. And, the starting pay for nurses is often between INR 2.7 to 3 LPA.

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