Can You See Your Phone Screen With Polarized Sunglasses?

Some people report difficulties clearly viewing backlit devices such as a smartphone while wearing polarized sunglasses. The lenses of mens polarized sunglasses and polarized sunglasses for women block the horizontal light we perceive as glare. Learn more about the best way to use your phone without taking off your polarized sunglasses.

Why Your Polarized Sunglasses Causes Your Phone Screen to Looked Darkened

The chemical filter that is used to polarize the lenses of sunglasses block light that is transmitted horizontally from passing through. When you hold your phone flat out in front of you, the backlit screen transmits light to your eyes horizontally. As a result, it may not be easy to make out the contents of your screen while wearing polarized sunglasses.

If you plan to wear sunglasses and anticipate needing to use your phone, you have a few options. Sunglasses without polarized lenses allow horizontal light from devices to pass through but also do nothing to mitigate glare. While polarized glasses may not be the best choice for people working outside on backlit screens that are not adjustable, it is possible to hold your phone at an angle so that lenses permit more light to pass through.

How Tilting Your Screen 90 Degrees Will Solve the Issue

Altering the angle at which you hold your phone by 90 degrees changes the direction from which light from a backlit screen strikes your sunglasses and eyes. More light will then pass through polarized lenses, making it easier to see your screen without the need to take off your sunglasses and risk unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet light while outdoors.

A simple modification in the way you use your phone outdoors while wearing sunglasses can be worthwhile. This method allows wearers to get the benefits of polarized lenses on reflective surfaces such as the road or open water while also being able to use a phone for communication, navigation or any other tasks. If you are in a situation where it is not possible to tilt your phone, taking off your glasses is the best way to achieve screen visibility.

When Polarized Lenses Are the Right Choice

People who plan to wear sunglasses in bright environments should strongly consider getting eyewear that has polarized lenses. In addition to increasing your comfort level, reducing glare can also minimize cumulative eye fatigue and strain over time.

Polarized lenses also offer other visual benefits. Depending on the tint color, this eyewear may enhance visual acuity, contrast or color perception. Some of the most popular lens colors for true color perception include grey and blue lenses. Brown, gold and red lenses can enhance contrast and depth perception. Select the right lens and finish for the light conditions in any outdoor environment.

Tilting the screen of your phone makes it possible to use this device while wearing polarized sunglasses. Devices with backlit screens that are not easily adjustable may present issues when wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses. Most devices commonly used by sunglasses wearers do not pose a problem, and the benefits of polarized lenses are far-reaching.

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