Can You Bet on E-Sports?

eSports includes all competitions that involve video gaming. Just like real sports, it is possible to bet on eSport games. You can now place bets on your favorite eSports player or team to win the next game or predict the correct score of any given e-sports game. However, for the best betting experience, you have to first find the right e-sports casino.

Here are some of the fundamentals of e-sports betting that you should be familiar with before getting started. We shall also share some tips to help you win more often whenever you go out there to place bets on these games. 

Getting started -steps.

1. Research first

The very first thing you need to do before betting on eSports is find out the teams or individuals involved in a given tournament. Take time to read the records and previous performance of the teams/players involved to help you decide the most likely winner. Of fact, a player with the greatest record isn’t certain to win. 

However, you will have more chances of winning if you place your bet on a player or team that performed well in the previous games. Most of the eSporst betting platforms provide all the information and prior performance of the parties involved in each game. This information should always be the basis of your decision. 

2. Register and make a deposit

When you are certain of the player/team you intend to place your bet on, you can now log in/signup, and deposit money to your wallet. All casinos require players to place bets to first create accounts before getting access to the games. You will also be requested to integrate your bank account, e-wallet, or crypto ID that will be used to make deposits and withdraws to and from your wallet, respectively.

Ensure you share the right information to avoid being inconvenienced, especially when withdrawing cash from your wallet after winning. Online casinos also give players the option to choose a payment method they are most convenient with. The methods available for most casinos include; crypto, e-wallet, and direct bank transfer. 

If you are within the country where the online casino is located, you should choose either an e-wallet or direct bank transfer. For those outside the native land of the casino, crypto is always the best option because of the smaller fees and faster transaction processing speeds. Crypto is also a good choice for those who want some extra layer of privacy to their gambling activities.

3. Choosing a team or individual player

One of the major choices you will have to make while betting on e-sports games is choosing whether to participate in individual or team tournaments. With individual players, only one person plays all the games in any given match. On the other hand, teams have different players, so they keep rotating them for each tournament stage.

For instance, a team may choose to use their most skilled players in the more advanced stages of the tournament. Most teams use this strategy to ensure the tactics of their best players are not exposed to everyone early on in the tournament. Playing as an individual requires some versatility to avoid using similar approaches for all the games you play.

While choosing a player, there is lots of information on platforms like Twitch that includes the videos of their previous games, the total number of hours they have played, etc. You may use this information to identify players who have put in more time. 

Types of eSports bets

Like normal sports betting, eSports games also have various betting options you can choose from. All the different betting options fall under these three betting categories;

1. Outrights

With outrights, you are required to place a bet on a particular event that you expect to happen in the game. It is common for outrights to wager on a single outcome, such as a winner or a specific outcome. The conditions could include the number of goals scored or points made, the first player to score or make the point, etc. 

2. Tournament winner

This is probably one of the most complicated bets because it involves trusting one player or team to perform well in all the games they are involved in. With this type of bet, you will have to do your research to determine which players and teams have the right attributes and stability to perform well every time they show up. 

The good news is that predicting the outright winner usually has attractive odds, which makes the risk worth making.

3. Match winner

When it comes to betting, this is one of the simplest options. You have to choose one player or team you expect to win a particular match. You can either place the bet before the tournament begins or just before the specific games.  As the game continues, you have the option of placing your bets live.

Of course, the odds for live betting are usually lower because you already have an idea of what the game is like. Betting before the tournament begins is the riskiest move, which we encourage most players to stay away from. You should always place bets just before the game or during the game.


As eSports continues to gain popularity, more online casinos now have it among the game options gamblers can place their bets on. The good news is that the betting techniques and knowledge used in actual games can also be deployed in eSports games. For instance, if you bet on real football, over 90% of the knowledge and skills you use can be used in eSporsts. 

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