Can I Sell My Junk Car Online?

If you’re reading this, then chances are that your car has served you well for many years and miles but has finally reached the point that it’s no longer reliable. It could be that it simply has too many mechanical issues that keep popping up here and there, or that you just don’t have the money to keep taking it to the repair shop. 

When this happens, it is likely that your vehicle has finally come to the end of its lifecycle, and you are now thoroughly contemplating the idea of getting rid of it. In such situations, the first instinct that most people tend to have is to start locating a car salvage yard near you

However, the problem with this is that it can often be quite difficult to find a legitimate place that will not try to lowball you. This is where online junk car services like USCarJunker come into play, as these companies are dedicated to purchasing junk cars via instant cash offers in almost any state. To learn more about cash for cars be sure to check out 1800 Salvage.

But before that, let’s dive into what you need to know about selling a junk car online!

Why Should I Sell My Junk Car Online?

The online “cash for cars” model is pretty simple and straightforward in that it provides junk car owners with a quick and painless way to make some extra cash. These companies typically target people who own old and unusable cars and are looking to create more space in their homes. 

In short, these vehicles tend to be those with little to no appeal to private buyers or car dealers. However, while these vehicles are often old and rustic, it’s also not uncommon for car owners to find junkyards in Illinois via USCarJunker to sell a relatively newer model because this is the simplest and fastest option. And it is very understandable to see why. 

Junk car services will usually be willing to purchase just about any type of car, no matter what its condition may be. This approach comes down to the fact that they typically buy these cars to convert them into spare parts and recyclable materials. Vic Recyclers Car wreckers offer top dollar for your unwanted or damaged vehicles.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that the more whole and drivable a junk car is, the more money you will be offered. Regarding car value, you can expect to get between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle’s condition.

What Is The Best Place To Sell a Junk Car Online?

While it is extremely convenient to sell a junk car online, the problem is that there are so many online car-buying services to choose from out there. This makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t. 

As such, it is extremely important that you carry out a fair amount of research to ensure that they are reputable. For example, a good option to consider is USCarJunker. The company not only does well to provide car owners with a quick and seamless online process to sell their junk cars, but it even provides sellers with free towing services.

Alternatively, if you discover that your vehicle is not worth as much as you hoped or you simply feel philanthropic, then donating your junk car can be a great option. You will be doing a good deed and also be able to benefit from a tax deduction that is equal to the fair market value of the vehicle.

How Does The Cash For Car Process Work?

Step 1: Submit an Inquiry

The first step that you need to take is to head over to the junk car website and submit an inquiry to get a quote. This will require you to fill in the relevant data fields with details on the car’s make, model, year, etc. You will also need to answer a few questions about the car’s current condition, e.g., if it has any exterior or interior damage.

Step 2: Review The Offer

Once you submit the form, you will receive a cash offer that you can either choose to accept or decline. In most cases, it is often recommended to check for offers from multiple companies and compare them, which will help you find the best offer possible. 

If you decide to accept an offer, you will need to schedule a pickup date and time with the company’s representatives so that it is at your convenience. 

Step 3: Complete the sale

At this point, the company representatives will come over to pick up the vehicle and hand over the payment. They will also conduct a quick inspection of the vehicle to make sure that the description you provided on the form matches its current condition. If it does, you will be given your payment in the form of cash or a check. 

Before they leave, you will also need to deal with the necessary paperwork, which involves signing over the car title and signing a few official forms. Bear in mind that you will also need to contact the local DMV and inform them that you have sold the vehicle.

How Much Can I Expect To Get For My Junk Car?

As mentioned before, how much you will be offered for your junk car will typically depend on a wide variety of factors. Some of these include; the age of the vehicle, the condition it is in, the current market value of scrap metal, the type of car, etc. 

In most cases, you can get anywhere from $300 to $1,500 for your junk car. However, you could possibly earn a bit more depending on some of the factors listed above. For instance, a heavy SUV will usually be able to yield a bigger offer than a sedan because of the size and volume of the metal. 

It also helps if the car’s spare parts are still in relatively good condition since they can be reused on other similar cars, which makes them valuable to repair shops.

In Conclusion

The “cash-for-cars” industry is a business model that has been steadily expanding online for the past few years due to the speed and convenience it offers many car owners. If you have a junker sitting in your driveway and want to quickly get rid of it, this is the best option to consider. 

It also spares you a lot of time and effort searching for a buyer yourself, as well as having to deal with tedious paperwork, which may not even be worth the value of the car to begin with.

However, do keep in mind that these services are mostly tailored for old junk cars, which means that if your vehicle is still in relatively good condition, you’re better off trying to sell it privately. 

Aside from that, you should take care to only deal with reputable cash-for-car services that have a good history of brokering fair and honest deals with their clients. This means using online car buying services like USCarJunker, which can be trusted to provide competitive offers and fulfill their end of the deal.

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