BTC Millionaires Increased 140% As Bitcoin Price Crosses 20,000 USD

The Crypto market is in an ever-expanding phase and is a favorite among investors. Almost every investor wants to have a share of investment in this market. And, how can we miss Bitcoin while discussing Cryptos? 

Bitcoin is an influential coin when it comes to Cryptos. And this foremost coin is the favorite investment option of Crypto whales and millionaires. As per some data, the all-time high level of Bitcoin back in 2017 is the key level if you think of long-term investments. Read this blog to find out what makes millionaires gain more and how it depends on the price of Bitcoin. If you want to learn more about the best way to make money in bitcoins then you can visit online trading platforms like bitcoin gaming.

Glassnode Provides Data On This Aspect

According to the data prepared by Glassnode, the peak rate of Bitcoin achieved back in 2017 is the key point if investors are looking for long-term investments. The data also reveals that as Bitcoin crosses the rate of 20,000 USD, millionaires are formed. 

At present, there are more than 67,000 Bitcoin wallets worth over 1 million USD. This data is revealed by Glassnode’s analytics. 

The Rate That Makes Bitcoin HODLers Happy 

Do you know what rate of Bitcoin makes millionaires happy? This is the mark of 20,000 USD and this currency shares a special relationship with this price tag. And this rate is quite a prominent stage for the millionaires of this market. The 20,000 USD mark is not just a psychological or technical mark, but quite more than that! 

Data prepared by Glassnode highlights that, as Bitcoin crosses the 20,000 USD level, this proves to be a crucial point for the hodlers. They either end up losing or gaining the title of a millionaire in this market. 

The Rebirth Of The BTC Millionaire Wallets 

Last year, as the Crypto market was suffering amidst the chaos and turmoil of downfall, the wallets were reduced too! As the price of Bitcoin fell below the mark of 20,000 USD, the wallets were reduced as well. 

The wallets of millionaires were decreasing at a severe rate after the FTX collapse. But, with the advent of 2023, the concepts have changed now. Bitcoin has regained the level of 20,000 USD at the start of this year and a huge amount of wallets reappeared in the mainstream. 

On 13 January, the number of BTC wallets worth 1 million USD or more was around 27,000. Again, the next day, the number of wallets increased to about 65,000 all of a sudden! During this time, the rates of BTC were just 1000 USD more than the previous day. 

Besides that, the data reveals that there was an exact amount of 50 Bitcoin in such wallets. And, such BTC wallets worth over 1 million USD were about 113,000 in total number. 

About A Million Wholecoiners 

Cointelegraph presents a report on the hodlers of this market. The platform shares that the fortune of all the hodlers is in a dramatic position in the initial months of this year. Apart from millionaires, every kind of investor is at present refusing to liquidate their funds. 

All investors who lost their interest in this market last year due to the existing turmoil are regaining their trust and are refusing to liquidate their investments. This is the case with both long-term and short-term investors. 

Apart from this, the whole-coiners or the wallets with at least a single BTC are marching towards the mark of 1 million USD! This is a great sign for the market as more millionaire wallets will soon arrive in this industry. And if this happens as per the prediction, it will be a huge aspect in the entire history of Bitcoin! 

At present, the number of such wallets stands at around 982,726, as shown by Glassnode. And, it is expected to increase more in the upcoming times. 


With Bitcoin passing the rate of 20,000 USD, there is an increase in Bitcoin millionaires. And as the rates may rise further, the number of BTC wallets worth over 1 million USD will keep arriving in the market too! 

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