Best Tanzanite Jewelry Pieces to Own + Their Healing Properties (2023)

Tanzanite is a popular gemstone that many believe has healing properties for different ailments a person goes through. It is believed that the rare gem can help ease physical and psychological stressors and bring convenience to a person’s life. Here’s a look at a few ways Tanzanite works for healing purposes.

What Are the Healing Benefits of Tanzanite?

Although many have only seen Tanzanite as a gemstone for jewelry pieces, it is also beneficial for easing the different hardships one may face. It holds healing properties that work for physical and psychological symptoms and brings calmness to allow us to live happily.

  1. Helps segregate emotions: Because of how dynamic human beings are, it can get challenging to balance every emotion we feel. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming, leading to high levels of stress, even though we can avoid it. Tanzanite has properties that can help balance out our emotions and brings a balance between all of them. It helps us feel calmer and allows us to navigate our daily lives more conveniently.
  2. Physical healing: Tanzanite has healing properties that fight physical stressors, such as skin issues, hair loss, etc. It boosts our fighting system and keeps such problems away, and allows us to feel healthier and at peace. It gives the wearer strength to fight off physical symptoms and live a healthy life.
  3. Improves intuition: Sometimes, we may feel unsure about what may be going on in our lives. Tanzanite is a healing stone that supports our intuition, giving us the confidence we need to make mindful decisions in our life.
  4. Boosts mediation: Meditation is an extremely beneficial activity that helps balance our mental health when practiced consistently. However, it is also challenging to achieve the results you need if you fail to focus well. Using Tanzanite is an excellent way to boost results from meditation. It helps balance different chakras and energies within our bodies and allows us to achieve better results from meditation. Keeping Tanzanite in your room, or wearing a Tanzanite ornament when meditating, will help you focus well and achieve healthy results.

    The Best Tanzanite Jewelry Pieces to Own for Their Healing Power
  1. Tanzanite Pendant: Tanzanite pendants are an excellent way to wear the gemstone and have it impact your healing. Wearing the stone using gold chains will keep the ornament secure, and allow it to show its healing properties in your everyday life.
  2. Tanzanite Earrings: These are simple ornament pieces that you can wear daily for the best results. Tanzanite earrings allow you to wear the gemstone easily while benefiting from the stone’s properties in whatever you do in your routine. 
  3. Tanzanite Ring: Tanzanite rings are considered to be a powerful way of wearing gemstones for maximum healing benefits. The ring can be worn at all times of the day or only when you meditate for the gem to showcase its benefits and give you promising results.
  4. Tanzanite Bracelet: Tanzanite bracelets are beautiful ornament pieces that work extensively for healing benefits. It is convenient to wear them, so you can make the most of what the gem has to offer by wearing a Tanzanite bracelet to navigate through your everyday routines. It allows you to keep the gemstone close to your body, which is beneficial for moments you need to calm yourself down from stress.


Tanzanite is one of the most popular gemstones in today’s time that carries many healing benefits. Using the gemstone in ornaments or keeping them in our rooms is an excellent way to benefit from everything the gem has to offer. If you prefer wearing Tanzanite in the form of jewelry, you can choose from these options and find a piece that will work best for you. After all, you also want to feel comfortable while you focus on healing. So wearing any of these ornaments will do wonders.

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