Best DevOps training in Bangalore

DevOps combines cultural tools, practices, and philosophies. It will increase a business’s power to provide services and applications at a high velocity. This means improving and evolving items quicker than businesses utilizing infrastructure management processes and traditional software development.

To learn more about this field, individuals opt for DevOps training. Doing so will mainstream objectives to obtain constant deployment, delivery, and integration. This can be done by utilizing all the crucial DevOps tools. Opting for the best DevOps Training in Bangalore will offer you deep knowledge of the DevOps methodology.

You will also gain knowledge of configuration management. Besides, this training course is ideal for all application developers and IT experts. It’s also an excellent option for individuals who wish to become DevOps experts.

Through the DevOps training online, you will gain access to all the vital skills like Maven, Git, etc.

The best DevOps training in Bangalore

Taking up the Best DevOps training in Bangalore will help you learn all the areas of DevOps. You will certainly build a career in the DevOps field. Under this section, you will learn about the leading DevOps training courses available in Bangalore.

DevOps Training Course in Bangalore [Simplilearn + Caltech CTME]

This DevOps training course is offered by Simplilearn in collaboration with Caltech CTME. It will prepare you for a successful DevOps career. The course mixes the roles of software developers and operations teams.

The tested and tried applied learning approach of Simplilearn provides a blend of labs, live classes, and other resources. All these things will provide you with an excellent hands-on experience.

This is the best DevOps training to provide you with all the know-how. It will enhance the operational and development activities of your team.

The training course will amplify your DevOps skillset when you take up hands-on projects on constant deployment.

Besides that, you will learn how to utilize the configuration management tools like

  • Puppet
  • SaltStack,
  • Ansible

These are the resources you will work with once you take up the DevOps training in Bangalore city. The training course also has some unique features, which are:

  • Enrolment in JobAssist in Simplilearn
  • Simplilearn’s JobAssist can help individuals get noticed by the best hiring firms
  • Receive the Certificate for Caltech GTME Post Graduate Course
  • Online Convocation by the Program Director of Caltech CTME
  • Get 25 CEUs from the Caltech CTME once the course is completed
  • All the master classes taught by the instructors of Caltech CTME
  • Caltech CTME Circle Membership
  • 8 times higher interactions through live classes conducted by the industry professionals
  • Capstone project in three domains
  • Over 20 real-life projects on the integrated labs

If you wish to learn more about DevOps training, you should check out this video:

DevOps Certification Training in Bangalore [StarAgile]

The DevOps training course from StarAgile is one-of-a-kind. This training course will teach you about Communication, Integration, Automation, and Collaboration. You will also learn about the tools, life cycle and objectives, and advantages of DevOps.

The training course will help you learn from all the real-world projects. You will gain experience that will make you job-ready once you complete the training. StarAgile’s DevOps training course has 5 modules, and you will get hands-on experience with all of them.

You will also attend 40 hours of live online sessions and gain a full understanding of them. Besides that, the training course also contains the following:

  • 20 live examples of all the well-known DevOps tools
  • No EMI cost is available
  • Provides 35 PDUs
  • 6 months Project Experience Certificate
  • Receive Certificate after Course Completion
  • Gain lifetime access to all the Recorded Sessions

DevOps Training Course in Bangalore [Excelr]

When looking for the best DevOps training near me, the one provided by Excelr is worth checking out. Their training cover comes with a 7-in-1 combined program with live online sessions. The training course comes with a 3-month duration and receives support through WhatsApp.

You will work with two hands-on live projects and get support from a dedicated case study team. Through the training course, you will also a lifetime LMS access and get to learn the following skills:

  • Dockers
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS Technical Essentials
  • Linux
  • Jenkins
  • Agile
  • Java.

The technologies and tools that you use and learn are

  • GitHub and Git
  • Maven
  • Puttygen and Putty
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Amazon EC2.

The training course will also provide 7 free value-added courses, over 2 capstone projects, and 30 assignments. It’s equipped with 100 hours of learning, and the online classes are taught by experienced and qualified instructors. The instructors will be available to answer all questions and clear away doubts.

DevOps Certification Course in Bangalore [Apponix Academy]

The DevOps training online in India from Apponix Academy is created for professionals and beginners. It’s also ideal for individuals who wish to take up leadership positions in IT companies. The training course will teach you techniques that will help you bridge the gap between operations teams and developers.

Certified DevOps experts associated with the MNCs have curated the course curriculum. In this curriculum, you will find a blend of live projects, hands-on training sessions, and case analysis. Apponix Academy has DevOps trainers who are veterans in this sector. They will teach you both advanced and basic factors of DevOps. All these factors are currently trending and relevant.

You will learn some of the most unique and best skills, which are:

  • GIT Repository
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Containers
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Many more

Once you complete the training course, you can apply for job roles like:

  • IT Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Many more

Final thoughts

DevOps is an excellent field with countless job opportunities and benefits for all interested candidates. You will get to work under some leading companies in India and worldwide. But to build a successful career, you must take up DevOps training courses.

If you’re from Bangalore and want to study DevOps, you can opt for the training courses mentioned in this post. Go through each of them and look at what they have in store. After that, you can decide which training course you wish to take.

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