Best Audio Recorder for Mac/Windows Joyoshare VidiKit

Like many audio recording software, Joyoshare VidiKit is a professional audio recorder that can record every playback sound on computer devices. While ensuring high quality, it supports M4A, M4B, M4P, M4R, MP3, AC3, ALAC, OGG, AAC, or other popular audio formats.  Different from other audio recording software, the biggest core advantage of Joyoshare VidiKit is that it can automatically match ID3 tags, even more, you can modify ID3 tags as you like. When it comes to recording audio, Joyoshare Audio Recorder can deserve to be called the best sound recorder program on PC.

The highlights of Joyoshare Audio Recorder

  • Record many kinds of sounds from various sources
  • Simple to automatically match and modify the ID3 labels for every one of the accounts
  • Support trim sound records
  • Audio library available to play and review
  • Many kinds of popular audio formats available
  • Support to apply effect to the sound records

Instructions to Record Audio with Joyoshare VidiKit

In the event that you’ve settled on utilizing Joyoshare Audio Recorder to have a try, keep perusing the article to figure out how to begin recording.

 Step 1: Enter output format and customize other settings

Below is the interface of Joyoshare audio recorder. You can click the music icon in the lower left corner, and a format setting window will come up. Here, you can set format, codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate, and preset settings. Click the alarm clock icon button which is close to music icon, here you can schedule audio recording. Click the loudspeaker icon button next to the red record button in the lower right corner, here you can select the audio source you want to record from, for example, Microphone or System audio.

Step 2: Launch Joyoshare VidiKit, and find Audio Recorder feature

Fundamentally, download the program from the authority site and install it on your PC. Run the Joyoshare VidiKit, and find the audio recorder feature. At the same time, prepare the sound you need to record, which can be any outside gadget like microphone, computer system sound, and so on.

Step 3: start to record audio

Check once again whether the audio or the sound you need to record are prepared and the volume is set to the proper volume. Play sound or audio on your PC and snap on the red begin recording button to start capture the sound.

Step 4: stop recording

it is feasible to cut caught sound into more modest pieces by tapping on the cut recording button. While the recording is finished, click the stop button. 

After you stop recording, here will be appear the list the all your recordings, the recorded documents are consequently saved to the library. You can pick your recorded audio through “All Recordings” or “Most recent Recordings”. Click the edit icon button, here you can trim the audio you recorded, add voice effect, and change the audio tag as you want.

As you see the audio recording process is very simple, if you are wondering how to record an MP3, the process would be much easier, as you don’t even need any custom settings since it set up as MP3 by default.

Recording the Videos with Joyoshare VidiKit

As a software that is considered everywhere for users, Joyoshare VidiKit provides many conveniences for novices and experts alike. Not only can you record audio through it, but it is also a very useful screen recording tool, help you screen record with audio. In the event that you are a web-based decoration or content maker, you will adore this strong screen recorder. With Joyoshare VidiKit, you can catch any movement on your gadget, or the whole screen in 1080 and 4K goals. The apparatus offers screen recording at 60fps with zero slack.

About the executives of how to screen record with Joyoshare VidiKit, the steps are still very easy. While its full-screen recording is astounding, you can likewise choose explicit regions on your screen to record. On account of its customizable recording window, you could click the capture area button, physically drag the frame of the recording area to your desired position. The whole experience to record video is smooth and straightforward with this screen recorder.

The Bottom Line

This is the means by which to record your PC screen with an astonishing application for assorted types and levels of clients. You can utilize this strong video tool compartment from Joyoshare programming to do heaps of things in video recording and altering. Joyoshare VidiKit supports Windows and Mac, it is the best audio recorder for Windows/Mac, which help you record excellent quality sound, and allows you to operate easily and use flexibly.

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