Bertrayal: Some Things to Understand

Discovering a betrayal is always a painful and personal moment. One feels alone and misunderstood because the betrayed is often considered paranoid. Yet betrayal exists in many areas and in any case it hurts a lot. The betrayal of a partner or a working partner is painful both because the professional life is affected and because the trust built over time is lost in a few seconds. But there is also the betrayal of the partner which causes a chain of devastating consequences for the family, for the children, and also for one’s self-esteem.

Often the question: “Is my husband cheating on me?” or “Is my wife cheating on me?” The questions remain suspended and float in the mind. Finding evidence is not easy, not only because you risk becoming paranoid, but above all, because sometimes you don’t want to see reality in the face and even the simplest clues are not understood. It is not strange behavior, quite the contrary. Often people who have been betrayed do not have the courage to report because they are afraid of not being understood. Initially, we try to understand which clues can be useful to reveal a betrayal, then we think about spying on the partner’s phone, checking pockets, and receipts. These are normal behaviors and often dictated by the fear of not being taken seriously when we accuse the partner of betrayal.

Overcoming the fear of not being understood is essential to regain possession of one’s life and to finally obtain something as precious and yet rare as the truth.

Unfair competition: when it is your partner who betrays you

The other type of infidelity that can adversely affect one’s life but also on the economic assets is the infidelity of the partner or working partner. The list of your customers is an asset to be protected and when your working partner is rowing against the good of the company, the first risk is to lose this asset. Not only that, you risk losing credibility and, last but not least, money too. Yet one does not always have the courage and even the opportunity to stop the vicious circle that can be established in a company in which the shareholders are hidden adversaries. The warning of a partner or a partner or an unfaithful employee is often not given or arrives late.

The breaking of rules

Every betrayal (sentimental, work, friend …) involves the breaking of rules concerning the couple (the traitor and the betrayed), let’s say that there are various types of betrayal because there are various types of couples. However, to betray it is necessary to introduce a third party into this relationship that somehow breaks the intimacy and “dirties” what we can define “the myth” of the couple, that is, the set of values ​​on which the couple has been built and is consolidated.

In the meantime, it is necessary to overcome the preliminary embankment, namely denial. Many individuals are faced with all the signs that lead in the direction of betrayal but deny or rather feel guilt for the unusual behavior of the partner and for the “traitorous clues” that it leaves behind. Having overcome this first barrier, you must first of all be sincere and tell the situation in all its drama to the most important person, that is to yourself. In the end, early prevention might save everything. Early prevention we mean that you should be able to detect the symptoms of infidelity from the start. And in this age of technology, there’s nothing better than tapping your partner’s phone if you’ve found some early indications. Click here if you want more information.

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