Are You Interested in the Management Side of Things? Look at Lean Six Sigma Certbolt Certifications Through Practice Tests

In the real world, the only thing considered to be valuable is the skills you possess. However, over time, the need for certain skills keeps on changing and you need to adapt to it as well. If you don’t keep on updating your knowledge, you will be left behind after a few years and that will have an impact on your career. One of the best ways to evolve your expertise is through obtaining an IT certbolt certificate. So, in this article, we will be talking about the credentials with the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Why do you need to get a certification like this?

If you work on the management side, you should know about the principles the methodology follows. All the techniques are used by many industry giants, which shows exactly how important they are. Due to the fact that many organizations still use the techniques of these methodology, a lot of experts with these skills are in high demand. By earning a badge, you can become a Six Sigma expert as well and land a better job. For more visit

Which certification can you opt for?

If you are thinking about going for a certificate in this sector, there are a couple of things that you should know. Firstly, usually, the Lean Six Sigma credentials are divided into 3 main categories and they are as follows:

  • Yellow Belt;
  • Green Belt;
  • Black Belt.

Some of the providers also add additional options, like Master Black Belt or White Belt, to cover more needs of the candidates of all the knowledge levels. However, you can run into these three badges anywhere because they represent the Beginner, Professional, and Expert levels accordingly.

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Yellow Belt is the first certbolt certification level that has no prerequisites. The only thing that you need to worry about is its prerequisite exam, which is 120 minutes long and consists of 60 questions. It is also important to notice that the majority of the questions are based on the multiple-choice format. The minimum passing score is 230 out of 300 points.

The next certbolt certification is Green Belt, and in order to earn it, the applicants need to first deal with the corresponding exam. It consists of 100 questions, all of which need to be answered within 3 hours. The questions this time are a blend of multiple-choice and true-false types. The minimum passing score for this test is 385 out of 500.

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Last but not least is Black Belt. To get this badge, the students will have to answer 150 questions within 4 hours. The minimum pass mark is 580 out of 750, and you need to make sure that you get a score higher than that.

Anyway, notwithstanding choice, you will need to prepare wisely for any of the mentioned exams. Therefore, you should develop a plan and use those prep materials that suit your learning style. You can opt for courses, training with the instructors, books, practice tests, or exam dumps. You can even combine several of them to increase your chances. The choice is completely yours. For more visit


Frankly speaking, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications in Abu Dhabi are famous all over the world. So, if you are interested in the management side of things, then you should consider going for at least one of these badges. If you earn one, you can prove to your employer that you are willing to move forward in your career and quickly adapt to changes. These qualities will increase your value in the organization and bring you a lot of benefits.

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