Answers to How Long Tooth Sensitivity Last After Tooth Crown Placement

A dental crown is usually suggested by the dentist when there is a need to protect a tooth from decay, save it from breaking or keep the cracked tooth intact. Whatever may be the reason to install the dental crown over the tooth, the fact is that it helps greatly to maintain dental health.

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Many patients even after having the dental implants crown placed rightly over their teeth feel a little discomfort.  It is because of the side effect of dental crown treatment. One of the main troubles is tooth sensitivity.

What is tooth sensitivity?

You feel pain or feel discomfort while eating freezing ice cream or while having the hottest soup.  This sensation often hinders people from enjoying food. They try various means to treat tooth sensitivity following their dentist’s suggestions and even apply home remedies. Thankfully, it is curable.

Tooth sensitivity related to dental crown placement:

Tooth sensitivity often is troublesome for people having dental crown placement done recently for protecting their teeth. The crowned tooth is very sensitive thus it reacts whenever it is subjected to extreme cold or hot elements. Thus, it hurts whenever it bites any cold or hot food. It happens because the middle layer of the tooth known as Dentin got exposed during the treatment. Thus, it affects the nerve present inside the crowned tooth. It mainly occurs when the placement of the crown or cap hasn’t been done rightly, the tooth is infected. Immediate treatment may help to lessen the discomfort feeling. Mostly, tooth sensitivity doesn’t last long after dental crown placement is done by an expert dentist.

How long does this kind of tooth problem last?

It may be for a few days or weeks when you realize total relief from these tooth problems. If it persists for more than two months, then it is beneficial to contact an expert dentist specialized in cosmetic dentistry. You need to call a doctor when the pain is severe or is constant.

Luckily, you can manage the tooth sensitivity issues by making little effort.

  • You need to maintain dental hygiene as instructed by your doctors.
  • The usage of specialized toothpaste recommended by your dentist surely helps to reduce any teeth-related discomfort.
  • You can use a toothbrush having softer bristles. This kind of toothbrush is specifically designed for people experiencing tooth problems.
  • Carefully and slowly chewing food helps greatly. You need not bite on hard food for a few weeks. It helps to avoid eating extremely cold or hot food as well for a month.
  • You can consume mild pain killers if the pain persists for a longer time.
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Teeth crowning is a common dental procedure that keeps your damaged tooth safe. Your dentist will provide the right solutions to take care of your recently crowned teeth to prevent any discomfort like tooth sensitivity.

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