All You Need to Know about Lemo Connectors

You might have come across or heard the name of Lemo connectors. What are they? Lemo connectors are connectors manufactured by the Swiss brand Lemo. Due to their effectiveness and general usefulness, they see a lot of use in many different fields.
Of course, this should beg the question- what’s so great about these connectors? There are a few key things that make them so great to use, and in this article, we shall explore the benefits of Lemo connectors.

About Lemo Connectors

Lemo connectors are push-pull connectors with very sleek designs. There are different types of these conductors, but almost all rely on the push-pull mechanic to work. They see wide use in many various fields ranging from medical to military service.

Lemo Connector Construction

Although construction varies between the different models and types of connectors, a few key construction details are shared between them.

EMC shielding is included, which protects signals from being disrupted or distorted during use. That is incredibly helpful in sensitive tasks like medical professions and communications.

FDA-approved grade plastic is used in construction. The ends of the connectors are tipped with gold to allow for better conduction of electricity and more current flow.

Type of Lemo Connectors

There are several different types of Lemo Connectors available in the market. These include:

  • S Type

S-type connectors are one of the older versions of Lemo connectors. They come in 8 sizes, have decent shielding at higher frequencies. Stepped inserts are included to help with alignment and to set connections up. Multiple contact types are featured.

  • B Type

B Types are one of the most commonly available in the market. These connectors have a sleek and ergonomic design allowing you to use them in narrow spaces without much difficulty. They are available in a wide range of sizes with mixed contacts. Includes a keying system to help improve connectivity.

  • T Type

They are a newer model and are primarily designed for outdoor use. With a waterproof design and anti-penetration measures, these connectors are incredibly durable and see a good deal of use in military and aircraft.

Advantages of Lemo Connectors

Now let’s see why these connectors are so popular. The benefits of these are:

  • Push and Pull Design

The main reason for their popularity is their push and pull design, making them incredibly fast and easy. A click sound helps identify whether the connection is secure or not.

  • Slim Design

With the connectors being slim, you can use them in narrow spaces or confines to stop other connectors.

  • High-Quality Construction

The connectors are durable while also being lightweight. So, they are incredibly flexible and see a lot of use.


We hope this article has provided enough insight into how useful the Lemo connector is. It’s no surprise that it sees so much use.

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