All The Best Options for Editing PDFs

Online PDF editors help users alter and edit their important PDF files, often without having to download or purchase expensive software. This is not to say that all PDF editors are free. Some do charge a premium to use their more advanced features like conversion and compression or to create fillable PDFs. There are still many online PDF editors that let users try out their program for a trial period. But compared to the cost of buying top-of-the-line software, a monthly or yearly subscription to a multi-faceted, easy-to-use and effective online PDF editor is a more economical option.

Convert To PDF

Converting another file type into a PDF is a common function of many online PDF editors. The feature often comes as part of the entire package of features included in a program’s offerings. The reason people convert their PDF files is to either edit them or because they need to share them in a format that is easier for others to open.

The opposite is also true. Users often need to take an existing file format, like Word or Excel or JPGs, and convert them into a PDF to make it easier to share. Users can also convert those file types into a PDF and then add them (through merging or splitting) to an existing PDF file to create a brand new document.

There are many quality PDF converters on the web, but one that stands out is Soda PDF. Soda PDF is a paid service and it comes in three different plans that give users free rein over several important PDF editing features. Its Pro and Business plans unlock many important features like e-signatures and optical character recognition, but even its standard plan lets users convert over 200 different file types.

Protect PDF

Protecting a PDF is an important feature of all PDFs as the file format can often contain sensitive and private information. There are several ways to protect PDF files from unwanted users or restrict access only to a few select users. Some of those protections include implementing a password protection feature and locking the file so no one without the password can view it.

Installing a password on a PDF is very easy. Many programs from the most advanced (Adobe Acrobat) to the most basic offer users some form of protection. Online PDF editors, however, often make users pay for the ability to lock their files with a password. But there is one exception.

PDF2Go is a browser-based, all-in-one PDF editing program that gives users the ability to lock or password-protect a PDF. Users do not have to sign-up for the service nor do they have to subscribe to a payment plan. They can simply drag and drop their file into the browser window or upload their file. Once uploaded, their file can be encrypted with a password of their choosing.

Unlock PDFs

Unlocking a PDF is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Users may find that they have lost or forgotten the password they used to encrypt a file. When that happens, it is impossible to access the file without inputting the password first. Luckily, several programs give users the ability to circumvent that encryption.

Many online PDF editors give users the option to unlock locked PDFs at the touch of a button. Users can open their file with the browser-based tool and then choose to unlock the file. The process only takes a few moments, after which the file will be more readily accessible. One program that offers unlocking capabilities is SmallPDF.

With SmallPDF, users can upload their files for free to instantly remove any password. The process takes only seconds and then users will be able to view the file, edit it, send it or save it to their hard drive.

Merge PDFs

Merging PDFs is an uncomplicated process that gives users the ability to combine two or more PDF files into one. Merging is often done to add important or relevant information to a PDF file without resorting to creating an entirely new file. The process can merge entire documents or individual pages, depending on the tool.

Lumin PDF is one tool that lets users merge as many files as they want into a single document. Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available for download for use offline. The program features many editing options, as well as compression and conversion services. Users can also split PDF files with Lumin to make files smaller and easier to share as well.

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