If you regularly follow us on our blog, you already know how important we at H2Olimpo are to bathroom lighting. Because it is one of the rooms that demand more and better light, and it is also an integral part of the decoration and the environment you want to create in it. And one of the elements with which light interact the most is the bathroom mirrors. There you look at yourself, examine yourself for pimples or lonely hairs, shave, put on makeup and remove makeup. And bad lighting complicates these tasks for you. Luckily, bathroom mirrors with led mirror light have been invented.

What are bathroom mirrors with LED lights and how do they benefit you?

 It is a type of mirrors that have a built-in LED lighting system in different areas, and with different configurations, and that solve many of your light problems in the most effective way. LED light is cheaper and more efficient: If LED light invades everything; it is because it is the best light you can get right now in the market in terms of performance. They are powerful despite using very little energy, so it is a cheaper lighting system with the consequent positive ecological impact. Perfect lighting for mirrors: The lighting in bathroom mirrors must have a specific power and orientation so that it does not produce shadows or reflections. Mirrors with LED light already have it distributed in such a way that they emit a powerful, diffused light that illuminates evenly. 

Zonal and ambient lighting at the same time: In a bathroom you always need a general light on the ceiling, and then a zonal light on the mirror. And an ambient light is also highly recommended, for example to help you orient yourself at night, or for moments of relaxation. Bathroom mirror lights with LED lights work perfectly as such. In some models they can even be regulated, or they have on one side the most powerful ones to illuminate in the mirror, and other more diffuse rear ones to set the scene. 

Ideal for small bathrooms: Although they are used in all types of bathrooms, mirrors with LED light are ideal for small bathrooms. The reason is that they are integrated into the same mirror, producing a lot of light from a really narrow “focus”. They look great “floating” on top of a freestanding sink, and give a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Types of mirrors for bathrooms with LED light

There are different LED configurations in bathroom mirrors, which you can combine or choose according to needs or preferences. Mirrors with horizontal LED light: with an LED strip on the top, or with one above and one below, it is a matter of the power you need a general white light, without the need to install a single wall lamp. Mirrors with vertical LED light: two LED strips on both sides of the mirror offer a perfect light for makeup or shaving, without the slightest hint of shadows on the face.

Mirrors with perimeter LED light: the best possible lighting. Round or rectilinear mirrors with all the edge illuminated. Backlit mirrors: a type of mirror that has LED lights but not in the front, but hidden in the back. It generates a very pleasant diffused ambient light that will give a touch to your bathroom and a very useful guide at night. Some models even combine front and rear so that they have direct LED lights in the mirror for powerful lighting, and others behind for ambient light.

Why choose led mirror light?

To begin with, this type of lighting can provide us with energy savings, it is usually a little more expensive in the beginning, but it is worth the long-term savings and care for the environment.

Another advantage of this lighting is the quality as this light comes with a variety of color temperatures ranging from cool to warm. White light will help the colors you see on clothes and on your face to more closely resemble how it will look during the day. You can also find some versions that will have the option of increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light.

The details about led mirror light

These types of mirrors provide light from different angles and sides, depending on the shape of the mirror. By receiving light in this way, we avoid shadows on the face. This will help us to see the makeup application correctly or will allow you to see if your shave was correct on all sides of the face prevents problems by preventing shadows from confusing the final finish.

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