Affordable 5×5 Lace Wigs with High Quality

What Are The Benefits Of 5×5 Lace Wigs?

1. Light and More Comfortable

Lovmuse 5×5 lace wigs adopt advanced floating button technology and high-quality lace to make the lace look more natural, breathable and have a hazy beauty. It has a longer use time and makes you look noble and beautiful.

2. Invisible Hairline

The lace of the Lovmuse 5×5 lace wigs is the transparent lace which famous as the invisibility, It can melt with your own hair very well even look like your real hair. it can match all the skins perfectly.

3. Fashion Hair Textures

Lovmuse 5×5 lace wigs come in different fashion textures. You can choose one from straight, body wave, curly wave, deep wave, water wave to fit and match your appearance. You will definitely have a charming look whatever you choose the hair.

4. 100% virgin hair

Lovmuse 5×5 lace wigs maintain the highest quality standards when inspecting the virgin hair. We can make sure that the virgin hair in Lovmuse stays in frizzy pristine condition and it is never treated with harsh chemicals, heat or color additives.

How to Take Care of a 5×5 Lace Wig?

  1. Pulling the lace hard can easily tear it, so be careful when take off the wig.
  2. Always use the earlobe or the side of the hat to hold the wig when you wear the wig.
  3. Don’t put much conditioner on the lace, as this will loosen the hair.
  4. A wide-tooth wig comb is recommended. This type of comb is very soothing for your natural hair, and the possibility of removing the natural hair from the lace part or damaging the lace on the wig is the least.

How to Get an Affordable 5×5 Lace Wig with High Quality?

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