A guide to stickers for bikes

Are you looking for a sticker that can stick to your bike? Then you have come to the right place as here we will discuss all the possible outcomes on sticker for bikes. These stickers can either be used for advertising through the bikes or making them look more attractive. You can add any color and artistic design to your bikes by using them. Also, such stickers are available in all shapes and sizes that will make you happy by making the right choice. 

Some of the types of sticker used on bikes are reflective and vinyl sticker; made especially for outside use. 

What are reflective stickers?

Reflective stickers are stickers that are clearly visible during the day and at night. The material reflects the light making it more visible. Stickers with reflection are used for promotional purposes in traffic, for example on vehicles, helmets and roof boxes. Because they are mainly used outdoors, they must be water and UV resistant. It is therefore also one of the most sustainable ways of advertising.

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Reflective stickers bicycle

These stickers meet the requirements for safety markings. It is important that you are visible in traffic on the bike. You can drive safely with the reflection labels. 

Printing reflective stickers

You can get the stickers in any size and in any desired shape; rectangular, square, round and oval. Custom sticker shops produces the application from a durable foil with a digital print and likes to make an adapted shape so that it fits well with the shape of the bicycle, helmet or roof box.Getting a Sticker Printing perfect for your
bikes or business will provide you with a satisfied look.

Order reflective stickers

You can easily make and order stickers with reflection online. Easily and quickly compose your product below and view the competitive prices.

What are vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers are stickers made of high quality ethylene vinyl acetate plastic. The wear-resistant stickers are made of plastic materials and developed for almost all surfaces, both rough and smooth. They are UV and weather resistant so that they do not discolour in sunlight and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Different types of vinyl stickers

Due to the good properties of vinyl, the stickers have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years and are suitable for various purposes. It is important to know where to place them. Ordering stickers offers several applications:

–  Window stickers

–  Bike Stickers

–  Exterior stickers

– Floor stickers

– Advertising stickers

Vinyl stickers come in a variety of shapes. Square, rectangular, round, oval and the free form. The full color stickers are available in glossy or matt, large and small sizes available and are equipped with a breakable slit for easy use. 

Print vinyl stickers

All the stickers are printed on monomeric vinyl with a Mimaki Inkjet printer for a razor sharp result. The ink is oil-based which guarantees a high fastness for both indoor and outdoor use. This can laminate it for a longer lifespan. It is also possible to opt for polymer, a high-quality material that does not shrink so that it remains in its original ratio.

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