A False Rumor Was Circulating on The Media About Rick Scott Consultant Josh Cooper

Joshua Cooper, a political consultant had to pay more than $500,000 to find the real truth behind a photograph that has been circulating to malign his reputation. He happens to be the political consultant of Florida Governor Rick Scott and hence a certain section of the media is trying to link him with a sexually explicit picture.

According to Scott Cooper of Miami Beach, this false rumor is circulated by the political opponent of the Florida Governor. The fact of the matter is that a light-hearted photo of Josh Cooper was taken from a wrong angle and someone found the photo was quite funny and he uploaded it online just for fun.

However, the political opponent of the Florida Governor took this opportunity to spread the rumor by circulating the picture on the media and linking Scott Cooper Miami with a certain perverted story by saying that he was holding an ice penis and pointing it to a female mannequin’s groin.

Scott Cooper Miami strongly defended the allegation. His version of the story is that whenever he is free, he usually spends time in a restaurant and works as a barbecue chef. During the time while he was busy, he simply tried to throw a large piece of ice while a female mannequin just happened to be there.

Josh Cooper was participating in a Memphis competition and it was a very busy moment when one of his teammates took his picture while he was holding that ice cube and was trying to throw it away.

However, the person who took the picture found the picture was quite a funny moment that he has captured and he simply posted that picture online.

Since then, this photo is getting circulated on the media and people in the Florida political circles are talking about this in the wrong way. The picture has however been deleted upon his request, but his political enemies in Tallahassee are again circulating that image just to discredit him.

People are also thoroughly confused about the whole matter. They do not know which version is true. Certainly, Cooper is not the kind of person who will use an Ice Penis as has been alleged by the political opponents.

Surely, in the cooking world of BBQ, where there is so much competition, one can never win the first prize by keeping himself engaged in some nasty act of making Ice Penis instead of cooking meat. Therefore, whatever statement that Josh Cooper is making to defend himself appears to be correct.

Scott Cooper Miami was actively involved in the campaign for Rick Scott who was elected to the US Senate in 2018. At present, Rick Scott is serving his first term as a senator and elected from Florida.

Before that Rick Scott had served his two terms as a Governor of Florida, and was busy and working every day for making a turnaround in the US economy so that he can secure the future of his state.

Rick Scott is married to Ann and they are married since the last 49 years. They also have 2 daughters called Allison and Jordan, and also 6 grandchildren.

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