A Definitive Guide to Choosing Footwear for Men That Will Last

There is a higher chance that you have already lost track of the number of shoes you have owned in your course of life. Most of us have spent exorbitantly on the favorite footwear for men -whether you like keeping it simple or are a sneaker-fan. How much do you exactly know about shoes that make your purchase worthwhile? How to ensure the best footwear for men that will last? 

The process of finding the best pair of shoes for men involves several stages -the price being the least significant one. From impressive features to high-end sole technologies, everything while buying footwear for men counts. In this case, there is no one-size-fits-all scenario. However, we will guide you through some of the important steps to finding the right footwear for men.

Be Realistic About Its Use & Your Lifestyle

The first step in purchasing a brand-new pair of shoes for men is to analyze what you exactly need out of them. Indeed, comfort and style are significantly important. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the footwear you buy is not ultimately anti-ethical to what you want from it. One of the first aspects experts suggest you to look for in men’s footwear is the presence of a durable outsole with relevant traction for the situation in which you will be wearing it.
For instance, if you tend to work outdoors most of the time, a durable boot with a supportive sole will be useful. Similarly, if you need to invest in shoes for delivering athletic performance or workouts, you should look for reliable sports shoes with greater durability and ample support.
Irrespective of the type of footwear you are purchasing, pay attention to the sole. It will be a major factor in determining whether or not the footwear will meet your needs.

Look Out for Red Flags

You have successfully assessed all your needs and found the perfect shoe that meets all your requirements. Whether you are buying offline or online, it is recommended to inspect the shoes thoroughly. There are several red flags that you should watch out while buying a good pair of sports shoes or footwear for yourself.
For instance, if you are looking for the perfect pair of boots for men, ensure that it is made out of good-quality material. Once you have inspected the material, you can go ahead with checking the outsole of the shoes. According to the experts, it is recommended by experts to take a good look at the welt of the shoes -a lining that runs through the outsole of the shoes. There are different types of welts across the lining of shoes’ outsoles -stormwelt, veldtschoen, stitchout, or goodyear welt. A shoe that features a proper welt is known to last longer, be water-resistant, and can be re-soled easily. While you are checking the welt of your shoes, you should also look into aspects like flexibility and durability.
Eventually, it is recommended to go through the overall construction of the shoes as well. Keep your eye out for lousy cuts, cheap glue, stitching, or poor quality of fabric of the shoes to ensure that you pick up the best one.

Check the Weight of the Shoes

It is interesting to know about the difference the overall weight of your shoes can make in your buying decision. For instance, if you are buying running shoes for yourself, you might consider that an additional 100g will not alter any aspect of your running experience. However, it is a crucial consideration when you notice a major change in your running pattern and time.
Once you are aware of the innate purpose of purchasing a brand-new footwear for yourself, it is recommended to go by the lightweight technology.

Choose Functionality Over Style

Most individuals out there think of buying shoes on the basis of price or looks. However, later on, once they start wearing them regularly, they might injure themselves. The ultimate reason could only be the material of the shoes.
Not all sports or running shoes made for speed will deliver support and comfort. You can come across a trendy product that functions beautifully. However, as you buying the product, your overall focus should be on support, comfort, and the material instead of how good the pair is looking or its price.

Invest into Technology and Technique

Are you an introvert going out only once a week? Then, you should not be bothered about investing in a pair of footwear that is immensely comfortable but does not appear beautiful. However, if you are someone who is fond of wearing trendy shoes almost every day, comfort should be your topmost priority.
As a causal runner, you might not pay attention to in-depth techniques or technologies of footwear design the same way as a professional or athletic runner. However, knowing about the latest technologies that leading shoe brands like Campus Shoes incorporate into modern shoe designs is crucial.

Avoid the Hype

Avoid buying a pair of shoes only because others are buying them. Look for your own style -something that will solve your purpose and go ahead with investing in that.
As far as something personal like shoes is concerned, avoid getting into the hype just because any influencer or peer is suggesting it. Ask yourself why you need to buy them in the first place. Are they too flashy for your overall taste? Or, do they really serve your purpose well and compliment your wardrobe?


A great pair of shoes can link your stylish wardrobe together entirely. Footwear for men can either make or break your entire wardrobe. Therefore, it is recommended by experts in the industry to invest in designs or styles you think can complement your daily wardrobe. You should enjoy wearing your shoes for several years to come. You can come across the perfect pair of footwear for men at Campus Shoes in a wide variety of styles and functionalities.

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