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7 Ways To Get Better Google Reviews

Google reviews are very significant since 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before purchasing something, and more than 87 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

They not only frequently provide the final push needed to convert a searcher into a Client, but they also have a significant impact on SEO ranking.

Better Reviews Get Better Search Ranking

For your company, this means more attention on the Internet! Good ratings on Google My Business, as an overall rating of your company and services, also ensure an increase in visibility and findability at the local level and ensure long-term growth in website visitors.

Using so-called “rich snippets”, you can even display customer ratings in star format in the search results at the product level and thus ensure better conversions and sales. Here we show you seven ways to get better Google reviews as well as practical tips on how you can easily increase the number of reviews.

Best 7 Ways to Get More Google Reviews

Before we delve into the answer to this question, you should know the following numbers: 85 percent of consumers don’t trust reviews older than three months, and 40 percent only look at reviews from the last two weeks

This means that getting 100 5-star reviews is not enough and the case is closed. Continuously updating your rating profile with good ratings is a prerequisite for presenting yourself to potential new customers in an attractive and reputable manner. You can easily achieve this by considering the seven review generation strategies listed below.

1  Ask clients directly for a Google review

Asking is one of the simplest ways to get a Google review. Obtaining reviews is often the most straightforward way to make sure satisfied clients carry out your request. Ask a satisfied customer who is on the phone to leave a review. Just like that.

Try the following sentence in a customer interview: “It’s great that you were satisfied with our work. If you want to do us a big favor, you can leave us a 5-star rating on Google so that other customers can also benefit from your experience with us.” You will be surprised how many people are willing to publish their good experiences about your company on the internet if you just ask them nicely!

Those who don’t want to ask can also reach the customer in “silent” ways, for example via an e-mail (if agreed) or friendly rating cards. By the way, this is what the rating cards for ours look like idea Apriori ONLINE MAX customers from

2. Send An Email For Google Reviews

After successfully completing an order, email your customer and ask them to leave you a Google review. In your email, make sure that the:

  • To address the customer personally
  • The customer receives your appreciation for choosing you
  • The customer gets an explanation of why ratings are important and why he should rate you
  • The customer receives a link to leave a Google review directly
  • The customer reads a short, crisp, and easy-to-understand e-mail text from you

Feel free to try and test for the right wording and, if necessary, get feedback from regular customers or from your circle of acquaintances – experience has shown that it takes a few e-mail versions before you reach the right address for the desired route guidance.

3. Add a link to your website to get more Google reviews

Another easy way to get more Google reviews is to add a review link to your website or create a custom review link. What is a custom Google review link? A custom Google Review link is exactly what it sounds like – a custom URL you can create where your customers can leave you a review.

When someone clicks on your custom Google review link, they see the Write A Review option on their Google My Business profile. So that he can easily provide his valuable comments as a review.

4. It pays to follow up on your review requests multiple times

For the first time, a customer does not give you a review after purchasing your product or service, so it is not correct to say that he will not give you a review. Maybe he wanted to leave a review after the first one or two purchases of your product or service but forgot.

But he will leave a review later. Remember one thing there are some people who will never leave a review no matter how many times you ask why. That doesn’t mean you won’t try, just be careful not to force anything!

5. Buy Google Reviews

Buy Google reviews is another stunning way to get 5 star google reviews. It is a proven way to achieve more customers and sales. By buying Google reviews you can enhance your brand credibility as well as search engine presence.

There are a lot of companies that sell positive google reviews for instance Permanent Reviews. They sell authentic reviews and they are committed to their customers giving every review from different IPs. So it could be a fantastic way to get Google 5 star rating.

6. Give Answers to All The Google Reviews

We should always respond to reviews whether positive or negative.If a customer gives a positive review, then thank him, on the other hand, if someone gives a negative review, some steps should be taken. Follow the steps below

  • Find out the reasons why he left a negative review and then fix the problem.
  • Apologize to him for the reason even if you are right.

Companies that reply to Google reviews are favored by the Google algorithm.

7. Ensure top-notch client service on Google My Business

Online reviews are often like the 8 p.m. evening news – you only hear the bad and rarely the good. By far the easiest way to get a Google review is to provide great customer service to every customer you interact with. If a customer

  • from your company,
  • the service you offer,
  • the product purchased, or the experience he had enthusiastic, they are more likely to leave a review.

So if you want to push your business to the upper level and gain more customers then you need a bulk amount of positive google reviews because it will increase your brand credibility.

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