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We’re so excited to open our newest escape games in Atlanta Paranoiaquest. You’ll feel like you’re really there!

Find three new rooms in your location. You can seek redemption from past sins by escaping a medieval torture prison. Track down terrorists to prevent a disaster. Put your magic skills to use and see what you can do in our wizarding trials.

Today’s escape room designs are as complex and detailed as blockbuster movies thanks to technological advancements and creative designers. Logan Square also has new rooms.

These are their specialties:

1) A Big Investment in Technological Development

We use modern puzzles that are more technologically advanced. The games feature interconnected electronic puzzles that are sometimes equipped with microcomputers. Your escape room experience will be top-notch thanks to RFID sensors, sound detection, airflow, and lasers.

2) Fewer Locks, Less Fuss

We use fewer locks. They are mostly magnetic when used. When the clock wind downs, there is no need for you to fiddle with keys.

3) Secret Gateways

We love to surprise players with secret portals in the games, so keep your eyes out for hidden passageways.

4) Greater Movement

Paranoiaquest has new lodgings that allow you to move straight up as much as parallel in order to find new spaces, with new puzzles or clues. You can also open puzzles, locks, doors, and other items from farther away.

5) Enabled Communication with Your Games Master

For surveillance purposes, we have created a sophisticated audio-camera system. Paranoiaquest can view and control gameplay. Each room has a customized kiosk system to allow you to communicate with them. If you are ever stuck, we will provide visual hints that will help you get out.

6) Vibrant Storytelling

Logan Square places the story and setting center stage. The stories are more complex and based off popular movies. Pre-recorded video/audio is provided by professional actors. The storylines are integrated into gameplay, so you feel like you’re fully in this alternate reality.

7) Extra Special Effects

The special effects that are added to the game give the impression of being in a larger-than life world. Props can be activated as the game progresses using a variety technologies including wind, scent, and pneumatics.

The themes of Logan Square’s escape rooms are

Medieval Madness

A life of rebellion or carnal sin has led you to an awful punishment that will lead to your death. Can you turn from your rebellion and save yourself before your soul is lost forever in the fiery pit?

Wizard Trials

The end result of years of research (and tea-fetching) has finally come. Can you meet the master’s greatest challenge, and prove that your magic can be unlimited?

Red Wire

Your group is comprised of MI5 agents. The intelligence has revealed that a foreign spy is planning an attack in London. Can you locate the enemy and unravel his plot before it’s too far?

Paranoiaquest Room provides the best escape games in atlanta no matter what you like. Book your Escape room Atlanta.

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